We eat out a lot. That’s pretty much a given when you’re a food enthusiast and blogger. Even when we do cook at home, we make good old Bengali and Odia dishes – generous with the mustard oil, masalas and the works. And healthy food has always had a boring notion, if you know what I mean. And I can’t really survive on greens and leaves. Eat.Fit – the food division of Cure Fit – has been working on this perspective of healthy food, that doesn’t look at healthy food to be mundane or boring. So, when Eat.Fit started their World Food Festival this week, it is something I definitely wanted to try out.


Cure.Fit App – Ordering lunch

Today’s cuisine was Mediterranean flavors. The website and app layout is pretty clean listing the options of food, pricing and calorie count. Details on each dish contains the nutrition information like protein, fat, carbs and allergens. If you’re in Bangalore or Gurgaon, go ahead and check out their menus and order in.


That was lunch today from Eat.Fit

Eat Fit

And here’s the Harissa Buddha Bowl!

I picked the Harissa Chicken Buddha Bowl – 574Cal, a low fat and high protein composition meal. I was pit stopping between trips, so the comfort food aspect of this meal in a bowl worked quite well. Harissa grilled chicken came with lemon-spiced cous cous and hummus on the side. Mashed beans, roasted carrots and a delicious tahini dip completed the dish. A simple meal, with a lot of variety. The food came in a neat box, with a quirky tag line ‘Some packs come easy’. Yeah well, as long as we are not discussing waistlines! I also got a bottle of the Anti-Oxidant Kick drink. It is actually something I had tried before, and really liked – coconut water with berries and chia seeds. Light and refreshing, and in a super cool packaging.


A meal from Eat.Fit


The mains were between 150 INR – 250 INR, and I got a first-time order discount of 40%. Eat.Fit has menus for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner, offering mains, drinks, yoga bars, smoothies, small eats and more. The website also offers a subscription model for orders. For more information on the menus and the World Food Festival, log on to Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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