I think it’s safe to say I am not a breakfast person. Well, it’s simply too early in the morning to meet up and head for breakfast, and I can’t even go back to sleep after! Last month, I was almost tricked into an early morning meal by one of my favorite people. I say almost, because the end result was so fabulous that I quite didn’t mind the sleep deprivation! So a few of us were to meet at Oven Treats at Kalyan Nagar. We got there a little past 10, and the gang was sitting upstairs. The ground floor had the bakery items on display, some quirky art work, and we went upstairs (really wide staircase!) to find a simple dining area. The all-day brunch menu is new, and looked quite fun.

Oven Treats

Orange Rum French Toast

Our breakfast started with Pig in a Bowl – deliciously slow cooked succulent pork served with tortillas on the side. The flavor, texture of the pork was so good, that we actually got a repeat of the dish! I ambitiously ordered for the Belt Buster next! That’s a serious dish for those who like starting the day off with a sumptuous meal. It comprised of three eggs done how you choose, hash browns, pork sausage, beans, french toast and smoked bacon. All of the parts were quite well done, special mention on the pork sausage – delicious! The French toast was nice and airy too. The bacon was a little bit of a heart breaker for me – it was too chunky, not thin enough, not crispy enough.

Oven Treats

Pig In A Bowl

Oven Treats

Belt Buster

Then came the Sour Pork – a dish with pork, potato hash and the delicious spicy hollandaise sauce. Well done, though the Pig in a Bowl still had the first dibs on favorite! And then, the dynamics changed. You know at times you have a dish, and it feels like an experience? One that you dream about or just randomly crave? The Smoked Salmon and Eggs that Tapash ordered were pretty much this. The salmon was beautifully done, scrambled eggs and mushrooms topped with balsamic vinegar complimented it perfectly. Some fresh salad and garlic bread on the side was served keeping everything simple. This was love at first bite!

Oven Treats

Sour Pork

Oven Treats

Smoked Salmon & Eggs

To venture into the orthodox breakfast territory, I ordered one of their smoothie bowls – Apple a day. Apple, Greek Yogurt, loaded with muesli and nuts – very healthy, and quite delicious. Recommended for those who like meat free and healthy brekkies! We did try some of the desserts from the patisserie as well, quite nice. Some of the art work on the cakes were truly remarkable.

Oven Treats

Apple a Day

Oven Treats

Some of the crafted cakes at Oven Treats

Oven Treats

Crafted cakes


Oven Treats offers a very balanced selection of no drama food, that is honest and appealing. Almost each dish was distinct and well above par, and while I only tried the brunch section of the menu, I would recommend this place. Is it worth the drive if you don’t stay near Kalyan Nagar? Yes, most definitely. So check it out, and let me know what you think!

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