I just got back from a 2 week trip. It started with me going to Georgia for a week. No, not Georgia in the US, but the country Georgia which was formerly a part of USSR. My trip took me via Doha -> Baku and finally landed in Tbilisi. I hadn’t heard of Baku before, but I wish I was better prepared, in terms of having a camera handy as well as a window seat. The place was gorgeous. Coast all around. I hope we land some work there!

Well Tbilisi had a quaint little airport, and you’re out in no time. Crowd has a different meaning here, and immigration, bags, taxi took no time! My ride to my abode was via the old town, and that was so amazingly gorgeous. There was a river, and rocks next to it, and houses, hotels and restaurants perched on those rocks! The old town had the hustle bustle of tourists, with a cable car up to the castle and the works. But as we pulled away from there, you could see former soviet camps, buildings which are many, many years old, almost run down, cars I hadn’t seen, a completely other side of Tbilisi. A side perhaps not yet pulled out of its past as yet.







The surprising part for me was that people actually knew Indian music, Bollywood actors and whole lot about India. At work, people started singing “Disco Dancer”! And the evening when we made it to the top of the hill, a guy from Russia started humming “Jimmi Jimmi aaja aaja” when he saw us!

The ride to the top is quite inexpensive, and if you have a transport card, that can be used here as well. Great view of the city from up here, and a long hike to the castle! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes!


That’s a random picture with a girl, and right below, my partner in crime for this trip!

IMG_2603 IMG_2664

The old town is around Sharden street, a nice place to walk around. An interesting and important fact in Georgia is US dollar is accepted widely, even ATMs dispense currency in both GEL and USD.

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