Morning Fresh is a drink to cure and combat hangover, post consumption of alcohol. Morning Fresh is a unique formulation created by Sericare; A Division of Healthline Pvt Ltd; an established company that are pioneers in the field of sericulture and have successfully used silk as a bio material in several applications. The varied application of silk is tremendous and widespread, and Morning Fresh is one such product containing key amino acids from the silk protein, that aid in the faster elimination of alcohol from the blood stream. The most noticeable result of this is a minimization of the ‘hangover effect’ caused by toxic metabolites and free radicals.

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Morning Fresh

Of course I loved the idea. And everyone who’s ever been through a hang over would! Morning Fresh needs to be the last drink of the night and the promise of the brand is that the next morning would be fresh and spirited. It is available in three flavors; Cola, Strawberry and Mint. Meeting the founder of Morning Fresh was a very nice experience – Mitali Tandon is a self motivated and inspiring young woman, a good conversationalist. Her product is intended to discover a way to better partying experience while also keeping a balance of health and well being.


Morning Fresh Details

My experience of using Morning Fresh was quite recent. After several drinks at a party, I came back home intending to try this hangover remedy. But of course I fell asleep instead! I did consume the Cola flavor early next morning, as I was starting to feel a bit of headache dawning in, and went back to sleep. Few hours later, I actually woke up relaxed and no signs of headache or any uneasy feeling. It is tricky to remember and have this drink as your last drink, but that would be the ideal way to consume it. One bottle is for one time use, like a shot. If opened, it needs to be refrigerated, otherwise the box expiry specification applies.

Morning Fresh is available online, and in some restaurants across the city. For more information, log on to

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