Last week a friend reached out to me about Organa. Organa is the Organic Beverage offerings from Mother India Farms. With the abundance in variety of food product vendors, a little conscious decision making with respect to what you consume and where it comes from doesn’t hurt. The environmental situation, and the impact of chemical fertilizers on the plants nowadays does warrant this additional precaution with respect to the raw materials. I received a tasting sample from Organa, comprising of 4 of their fruit juices – mango, guava, apple and mixed fruit.


The samples of mango and apple juice from Organa

The juice bottles were all 500 ml packs, and I ended up trying the Rich Pulpy Guava that evening. Made with Pink Guava, and ensuring that every bottle had about 21.5% of pulp blended in, the juice was sweet and thick. And didn’t have any bitter or tangy taste that is atypical of bottled juices. The most important aspect was that it tasted fresh. The mixed fruit was up next. Personally I found this even better than the Guava Juice. Apple, Guava, Mango and Pineapple were all collectively present in this juice, providing an overall nutrition and fibrous balance. The Pulpy Mango juice chilled didn’t taste very radical, but again was a fresh flavor – not too sweet. The Apple juice was quite different from the usual ones available in the market, quite a sublime and unique taste, made with apples sourced from Europe.


Pulpy Mango Fruit Juice. Photo Courtesy: Organa from Mother India Farms

Marketed as Organa, it is the first certified Organic Juice in India. The founder is Mr Durairaj, who also heads Mother India Farms as Founder and CEO, and focuses on International business, Organic farming and new projects development. He initiated his organic farming in 1997, when he procured 200 acres of land in Tamilnadu, and planted about 10000 trees of Organic Mangoes. He began exporting Organic Mango Purees to European countries. And now Organa is the latest offering from Mother India Farms. Priced between Rs.55-60 for a 500ml juice bottle, depending on the variant, this offering is refreshing and enriching in a healthy and natural way.

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