I am always procrastinating about writing on non-food subjects. And actually indulging for a day where it’s not about travel or food is usually not me at all. But good friends encourage you to do new things, and try experiences that you normally wouldn’t – and that is how I finally took a day for myself and headed to Body Craft at Koramangala. This specific outlet has been around for 2 years, while Body Craft itself is one of the most well-known names for salon and styling for the last two decades in the city.

I reached Body Craft on schedule that damp morning last weekend, and I was handed the beauty menu as I sat down on the warm plushy couches in the reception, quite a large and diverse range of services. Najma from Body Craft joined me to understand my lifestyle, skin needs and to narrow down on the kind of facial I would need. The selections of facials were Basic, Sensitive Skin, Anti-Ageing, various Treatments series and Skin Care range. I was recommended the International Gold Facial. Before getting started though, we did a quick tour of the spa and salon area. Despite being a unisex salon, they have various sections that are quite private for the comfort of everyone opting for services here. There’s also an in house training academy here. You can see all this in the video above!

A Happy Welcome and Quick Showaround

A Happy Welcome and Quick Showaround

Body Craft

The Salon Area

In the spa section, the facial room was a pretty setup – very neat and clean -that included a mini steam cubicle in the room itself. Jyoti, a seasoned beauty professional, came in for the service. The International Gold Facial itself was a product driven service, and had quite a specific process sequence. Cleanse, scrub, massage, mask, massage, face pack was done for over an hour and half. An extra protein mask was applied on my face to work as a de-tan and also rejuvenate the skin cells. The ingredients were completely safe on skin – I speak from my experience.

Body Craft

Spa and Facial Room

Body Craft

The face mask

 There was extensive massage, possibly the most relaxing part of this whole experience – 2 sets in fact, one for this ritual and another AHA massage. This advanced facial comes with complimentary back, hand and feet massage – which is excellent because after the face, the rest of the body craved this relaxation too! One of the products used was a cream with 24carat gold dust in it, the namesake of this facial. And, afterwards – my skin had a nice warm glow – and felt really refreshed and nourished. Facials are crucial to skin, especially in cities where there’s pollution and different kinds of water coming in contact with our skins. I made a mental note to take this time for myself more often. The nice warm cup of green tea that followed, was very therapeutic as well.

Body Craft

With my facial artist!

The Diamond Pedicure that followed was nice and long too, quite thorough and relaxing.

Body Craft

I am always told that facial shows effect the next day. My skin felt nice, soft and supple. This was me the next morning! Venue: The Beer Cafe

Key Takeaways of my experience

  1. The consultation given initially is very helpful. I find it hard to pick facials, and when an expert is advising you on this, it is quite reassuring.
  2. The salon and spa area is sectioned quite well, and one wing is completely dedicated to women. Hence despite being a unisex salon, the place didn’t feel very different from a ladies’ facility. People like me, who are more at home in ladies’ only salon, can rest assured about their comfort.
  3. In my opinion, a facial or spa is best conducted by a well-trained and seasoned therapist, and I believe my experience was great, because of the beauty professional’s expertise.
  4. International and dermatologically tested products used in the skin care regime ensured no adverse reaction on skin or allergies etc.

I would be back at Body Craft to try some of their acclaimed hair service, and also to get some time out from all the food I eat! Check out their outlets near you for this relaxing and rejuvenating experience. This could beat NetFlix and Chill with some serious R & R! For details, check out their Body Craft Spa Salon FaceBook Page.

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