A discussion I am constantly having is about relevance of information. And its authenticity and validity. Quite an abrupt start to a post you must think this is. But think about it for a minute. Social media, video and blog platforms have given everyone a voice. A good experience has a review; a bad experience these days has a different life of its own! In a world where everyone is sharing, how do we find the right information we are looking for? How do we know this is something we can rely on? Well, as the old saying goes, get it straight from the horse’s mouth – via Pepo!


I have been using Pepo for a few months now, an app for community building and networking using live conversations. That might be hard to understand without a parallel, so consider this. Say you’re planning a trip or want to try places to eat. Usually we would find it on google, maybe corroborate testimonials. But what if – we had access to experts from the area answering questions, offering suggestions? What if people who’ve planned that trip before you, or eaten at a place share their stories?


Channels I follow on Pepo

On dissimilar lines – let’s say there’s an activity you like doing, but people around you don’t necessarily have the expertise or appreciation for it. Given the varied activities and interests we have, this is quite a common situation. What you would like are people to discuss and share the activity with, maybe get ideas, brainstorm – anything. And that’s here too.


Pepo, to me, is a platform to share experiences, discover passions and maybe even connect interests. Channels are set up on various interests and activities, groups of people who contribute and share. I quite enjoy posting about my food and travel stories, reading other people’s feeds – see their videos and pictures from all over the world. The reach, since Pepo’s start in late 2016, is pretty good, over a 150K registrations. People come together to discuss common interests and that’s the basis of this platform. From an app perspective, Pepo is neat, combines the popular features from Instagram and Facebook,– has Spotlight like Instagram stories, private chats – like messaging, channels like groups and so on. A lot of emojis can be used to express feelings about a post, or even type in quick responses. Beautifully simple.


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Life is about experiences. Share them on Pepo.

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