Last November was our first time in Rajasthan. And we were so excited, that there were practically sleepless nights of planning. Considering we are from the opposite part of India, and stay in yet another side, culturally and tourism wise there was just an overwhelming lot to see. And if you had, say 3 days to explore the city, you wouldn’t probably be able to prioritize very well. I didn’t want to miss anything. Luckily I had lots of help – both from friends who were from the city, as well as from avid fellow travelers. So here’s Tapash and my list of things to do in Jaipur in 3 days. I have put a few photos in the post, and rest are in the gallery below. Jodhpur and Udaipur coming up too!

The Pink City is very busy and traffic laden, so it’s better to know where to visit and at what time to save commute time, and not be overthrown by the rush of people. Rajasthan has tourists almost everywhere, and when they don’t – remember, the locals like seeing their palaces and lakes too!


Jal Mahal

Day 1 – The Palace and City Centre

Jaipur has some spectacular forts and palaces – and in fact still have titular monarchy existing. While the City Palace is where the King’s family currently resides, while the 18 year old king studies in England. He was in India when we were visiting, and hence the two flags indicating the king is in the premises.

After the City Palace, you can check out Hawa Mahal and the Johri Bazar – the busy shopping street and colorful motifs and designs are indigenous to this part of the country. The blue pottery craft of Jaipur, razai, jewelry, stoles and art pieces are good to shop around for. I loved the street shopping and bargaining!


Hawa Mahal!

Day 2 – The Forts of Jaipur

Amer, Jaigarh and Nahargarh are the 3 forts of Jaipur. We were staying at the Le Meridien in Kukas, the industrial outskirts of Jaipur – and in close proximity to Amer Fort (also known as Amber Fort). This Rajput palace and adjoining fort is gorgeous, takes about 2 hours to explore the Diwan-i-Aam, Diwan-i-Khaas, Sheesh Mahal, and the chambers of the queens, many queens! Jaigarh Fort is also along the Aravalli Hills.


Nahargarh Fort Palace

Nahargarh Fort is like a beautiful romance, in Amer town – I recommend going there to spend time, maybe try and watch the sunset. The gorgeous walls, the amazing and unparalleled view of the city (you realize it’s not that pink anymore!) and the Jal Mahal in the lakes as we drove up the hills to visit the forts – it is just spectacular.  There’s a cafe called Padao – where Bollywood movies have been shot, perfect for an evening drink or snack, has a very nice view – peaceful.


The spectacular view while the sun sets!

Day 3 – Food in Jaipur

I usually dedicate an entire day to explore the local food. We did visit the lovely Albert Museum and went by the Birla Temple on this day as well as some shopping, in between meals and street food! And Rajasthan has such variety of preparations – ranging from pure vegetarian dishes and thaalis, delicious chaats, succulent lamb preparations and lip smacking desserts – all this and shopping can take up all of your 3rd day. Detailed food reviews will be up soon, pointers here!


The Pagdis!!

Lakshmi Misthan Bhandar has kachoris and sweets that are recommended.

Our lunch was in the Trident Jaipur – a wonderful property located right in front of the Man Sagar Lake with a view of the Jal Mahal.

Street Food at Aunty’s Cafe for all the street and junk food from everywhere!

Lassi Wala – there are MANY of them with the same name – try the guy at MI Road.

Lalaji’s Famous Golgappe – Flavored paani puris with all kinds of fillings, quite fun to try.

My dinner craving for Laal Maas was satiated at Handi, MI Road – thanks Nitin for the recommendation! It was so brilliant that we went back a second time. The Laal Maas – loaded with chilis, and succulent pieces of lamb – which we had with freshly made roomali rotis – brilliant place!

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