I haven’t been this enthusiastic about a place in a long time. Easy to get to, but not so easy to spot, just before the Wipro office on Sarjapur road, in a left street right next to MK Ahmed Retail store, is this interesting getaway restro pub. A huge area, it’s build in, with a fish pond in the center, seating all around the pond on soft cushions, tables on the level above, and bar seating, outside the brew. Their actual bar is across the pond, and has a small setup on top, ideal for a private party. Phew, big place in short. And despite being a Thursday, the place was packed with all kinds of groups from work, friends and couples.

photo 2

The Big Brewsky

photo 1

The Bar, with a private party are on top

So we decided to sit at the pond side, watching big fat fish swim by, the menu, rather plural, menus had quite a lot of options, though mostly Asian. It was the day after men’s day, and we decided to go all out, and get the boys cake and all. The manager promptly helped us with 4 brownies (yummy!) with the message on the plate! And thus we started with dessert.


The delicious brownie makeshift cake!

Their microbrewery is functional, thankfully! And their sampler is a long set, most of the beer is light, but fresh and tastes good. The Belgian ale is really light, the kala lager was interesting, and we liked this probably the best, stout wasn’t strong enough, german options were good. So we decided on our beers, and ordered the malnad pork, bacon wrapped prawns, peri peri chicken, and Indian chicken tikki. The pork practically melts into your mouth when hot, the prawns were yummy, as was the bacon on top. The chicken mains took a while to come, it was a grilled chicken with sauce, salad and potato mash on the side, good to taste, but the chicken didn’t have much of meat. The kadi pathhe ki tikki was very tasty, well done on the charcoal and nice, rich flavor.


Beer Samplers


Chicken in Peri Peri Sauce

The music for the evening was perfect, high energy and good club numbers. We sat right until they were closing, and just enjoyed the amazing ambiance, good beer and great food.

A couple of snags the place still has to work out:

The sampler was placed in our table, and no one explained about the line-up. This should be something a brewery takes pride in, and should walk guests through. But it could be coz of the rush. It’s not so much a value for money, as the quantity of food is very small, and the prices are a little steep for certain items. For 4 people, starters and beer came up to 3600 approx. We had ordered a wok tossed chicken, which never came, but we were billed for it, and no one knew that it wasn’t served! Of course they rectified it when we said. So while their customer service is great, efficiency needs to be improved. In recent visits, we tried the Pork Chops – very delicious, sufficiently saucy. The chicken-a-la-kiev and beef steak were very good too.


Pork Chops – The Best!


Chicken A La Kiev

The name of the place as Big Brew Sky. Hmmm. Probably an alliteration spun off the Big Blue Sky.

Notwithstanding, the place is wonderful, and the staff was quite helpful and courteous, making the dining experience splendid. Would highly recommend this place!

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