A rainy Sunday evening, Tapash and I headed to BYLI for dinner. My first visit in Kalyan Nagar was somewhat of a surprise, I saw various quaint food joints open there like Prawn Crunch and Aoili, and even some familiar outlets like Mainland China and La Casa. Definitely a place I will explore more, mental note! Byli is extremely easy to find, just follow the maps. I reached around half past 8, and the place was pretty packed. Peppy Backstreet Boys number playing, bright and buzzing ambiance. Nirmal Kumar, one of the founders of BYLI, and the Director of Operations, told us about the restaurant, the aspirations around it, their menu and shared some of his interesting experiences from this industry.


The BYLI Wall


Very expansive menus

We kept our drinks order simple. Lindt Chocolate Shake – no self-respecting Lindt lover can pass up this drink! And Baileys’ Irish Shake – no it didn’t contain Baileys’ cream. The Lindt Shake was great. It came served with one half a Lindt cube nestled in the cream, and was rich and deliciously chocolate-y. The coffee was good, a little strong for my taste but not complaining.

Our vegetarian selection of the evening came first with Mozzarella in carrozza, Byli Styled potato, Moroccan fried Mushroom and Hummus and Pita – a very interesting ensemble of a Mediterranean platter. The potato wedges were prepared in house, and the tangy spices gave it a very nice twist. The carrozza had the golden brown cheese was soft but not soggy, crispy and springy. The hummus was good, while the mushroom were about alright, a little too big in my opinion.


The Vegetarian Assorted Platter

The non-vegetarian selections followed closely comprising of Nimi’s Chicken, Hungarian Lamb Chops and Peri Peri Basa. The lamb chops were delicious, very well cooked in chilli, peppercorn and thyme. The Chicken laden with coriander and basil was possibly the best of the evening – tasty and aromatic, while the fish was suitably spicy.


Humgarian Lamb Chops


Peri Peri Basa

Already very full, we kept our main course to the minimal having a chicken steak. We were late, so options of dessert were limited. We got the coconut pastry, which was fresh and fruity. True to tradition, I got myself a small cup of hot chocolate to end the meal. It was probably not as loaded with chocolate as I had expected, but quite refreshing nevertheless.


Coconut Mango Pastry


Hot Chocolate

BYLI has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The lettered walls, open entrance is all very beckoning, as is the staff. I personally liked the detail and thought put into the menu, the décor and the theme, there’s a lot of story there. It’s a fantastic place to meet up and enjoy breakfast or coffee. The menu has a lot of options, and I am sure every kind of person would manage to find their favorites on the menu!

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BYLI – Bet You Love It!
Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore, India address
G-1/2, First Avenue, 5th Main, 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore

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