Soda Bottle Opener Wala possibly had the most hyped opening of a restaurant in the city. And of course a car getting stolen after valet parking isn’t something that we ignore easily. But of course my quest for exploring new places took me there this Sunday evening with a fun bunch of foodie friends. We didn’t have a reservation, but were ushered in almost immediately to the table in front of the wall of soda bottles. The bright interiors with various kinds of seatings, from Iranian cafe style, to booths, to high tables, was really vibrant and welcoming. Red walls, blue ceiling, a model train rail track all around, a booth to play songs, quirky menu, chai glasses in the table – I could go on! We were 5, and were a little cramped in our booth. And that was one of the bigger tables. Groups could find it difficult to be comfortably seated.


Jar of goodies

Our orders for the day were Rustam Bantawala – our first choice, which we got many repeats of – comprising of vodka and mango in a goti soda bottle. The goti did obstruct bit of the content from flowing through at times, but making it navigate to a constriction in the neck of the bottle made all of that easier! Next was Daaru Wala Vimto which was tequila with five berries. It was five too much, because the tangy taste completely defeated any flavor of tequila, and was way too much for my palate. The Sol of Colaba was one of the better ones, classy to look at, a little spicy in a martini glass. Parsiana was old monk, plum and orange – an interesting mix of rum with fruits in a large mouthed milk bottle, not bad at all!


Rustam Bantawala – Err 3 of them!


Daaru Wala Vimto – Berrys overloaded.



The food was well, a bit of a letdown. Chicken Farcha was spicy on the outside, completely bland inside and chewy all the way. Considering the servers recommended this dish, TWICE, there’s probably something going wrong with the execution of the recipe. The Bohri Style Keema Pav is one of their signature dishes, and of course was really good. Plateful of keema served with warm pavs. Definitely called for a repeat! The Eggs Kejriwal, another signature dish from Mumbai, with cheese and healthy serving of eggs on a toasted bread was also an instant hit.


Chicken Farcha


Keemaaa Pao!


Egg Kejriwal

We were all kind of full by now, but of course didn’t want to give up before mains and desserts. So we ordered the famous Berry Pulao with Chicken and Sali Mutton. The pulao was great, rice cooked with fried onions, nuts and berries giving it a wonderful taste. The mutton was a little bit of mismatch in comparison. It was too sweet, way too much, the sugar outweighing the chilli and other spices completely.


Chicken Berry Pulao


Sali Mutton

Moving quickly to dessert, we ordered the Caramel custard, Shrewsbury Biscuits and Toblerone Mousse. The custard was pretty standard, served in a hexagonal shape! The biscuits, made fresh everyday, were good, perhaps could be a tad more buttery, but no complaints. The winner of the evening was definitely the Toblerone Mousse, which came with a small block of chocolate planted on the thick mousse. It was delicious, rich in chocolate, and a must have in SBOW!


Toblerone Mousse


Caramel Custard


Shrewsbury Biscuits

Price wise the place is on the higher side. The mains are priced at about 450 each, while starters around 275, making the food a little expensive with respect to the quantity. Drinks and desserts are standard prices roughly. Their menu options are a slightly limited right now, but well, they are only a couple of weeks in Bangalore. Will definitely go back to try the other Parsi options on the menu.


SodaBottleOpenerWala Lavelle Road, Bangalore, India address
25/4, Opposite Harley Davidson Showroom, Lavelle Road, Bangalore


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