Beer Café hosted a Friendship Day meet up at their newest outlet in VR Mall a few weeks back. The event also launched their new line of merchandising comprising of various fun products for gaming, gadgets, décor, glassware, personal and office products – some quirky and utilitarian items which can find place in various parts of our lifestyle, whether at work or home. The venue itself is beautiful, partly open air – the courtyard opening up to the front of the building, airy and spacious. The seating inside isn’t quite as big, better for standing, but does have some too cozy seating. Beer Café is known to serve a large variety of beers from around the world, and we got to sample a few of these during our meet up.

Beer Cafe

Me posing with Beer

Beer Cafe

Food and more food !!!

Tapash and I got in there a little late, what with Whitefield and all (!) and started off with the Kohliwada Chicken and their Chicken Burger. The burger was nice and juicy, not droopy, though the Kohliwada was a fried chicken, not necessarily authentic. Estrella and Peroni was what we started with, Hoegaarden was unfortunately over. It was my first time at having Estrella, this Spanish beer was very light and refreshing, pale gold in color and a mild fruity flavor, and it’s a perfect afternoon beer.

Beer Cafe

Beerosphere Workshop

Beer Cafe

Beer cap collector and other cool merchandises !!!

We then tried the chicken steak, again not really the right spots, but I wouldn’t mind as pub food. This time the barman recommended the Krombacher Pils – a German beer, full bodied with an acute bitter taste. Left a dry taste after swallowing, probably better for a less hot day than this August Sunday! The merchandises showcase started shortly after. There were some swanky creations gadgets like A Spin Chill – that chills your beer within a minute, by using simple convection, while Chill Puck was a coaster to chill your drink in. Their online store called Beerosphere also has some geeky stuff for the collectors like Beer Cap Collector. And yes, for those who love their head, no pun intended, Sonic Foamer uses ultrasonic vibrations to create the perfect head! These merchandises are an extension of The Beer Café that patrons can take home, to work, gift or collect as souvenirs starting at Rs.95.

Beer Cafe

One of my favorites

Check out this all new Beer Café in VR Mall, and continue your worldwide beer journeys one pint at a time!

Beer Cafe

The Beer Cafe and Me 😉

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