Going to Sheraton isn’t an easy feat on Fridays. But when it’s the sea food in question, and quite exotic selection at that, battling the traffic and sitting butt squashed for two hours to get there, we can do it! Bene and Persian Terrace come together to offer a unique kind of food festival combining different cuisines that share the Mediterranean Sea. And it’s the Sheraton, so there’s of course grandeur in everything, including their fresh catch, which offers a staggering selection of King Fish, Snapper, Sardines, and some amazing prawns and crabs.


The Signage


She Sells Sea Shells

So our format was going to be alternating Persian and Continental dishes from the menus of Bene and Persian Terrace. But for simplicity, I am segregating the sub cuisines in this case, as they are offered in different restaurants. The concept of this kind of tasting was quite radical, I must say! In the Persian menu, our first dish of the evening was a salad comprising of watermelon, feta cheese and prawns! Dressed around with a quirky tamarind sauce and fried puris – this was like a papdi chaat with salad and prawns! Quite a lovely assortment, one that is a rare mix. The soup that followed next was the Ghalieh Mahi – a fish soup. This was slightly pungent, with a lot of herbs, and wasn’t too appealing to me. Served in a small cup, didn’t seem blended too well. Next up was the Seafood with Cous Cous. It was a classic Moroccan preparation, not rich, but quite flavorful and quite palatable, and was served in a tagine.


Watermelon and Feta Salad – With Prawns!


Moroccan Seafood with Cous Cous


The Glorious Crabs!

The European Menu on the other hand was quite experimental, and innovative. We started with the gambas al pil pil – the Spanish Garlic Prawns, in these beautiful little serving pots, a perfectly amazing dish, all juicy and sizzling, sprinkled with paprika and parsley with the prawns, and served with crusted ciabatta to finish off the sauce! The Market Sea Food Soup came next, it was nice, a little crowded with the types of sea food in the soup. I am not a purist but squid, clams, prawns and so many things together was a little overwhelming. Others at my table loved it! For the mains, we got the mixed grill with Greek Salad. This was wholesome, lot of different sea food flavors blended in quite well. And then there was the Tiramisu. Nothing competes with this ever, I just wish we got more!


Gambas Al Pil Pil


Gambas Al Pil Pil


Market Seafood Soup

A must try, would recommend this highly for sea food lovers at Sheraton. The selection of fresh catch is quite amazing, and the chef has done a truly commendable adaptation of some of the classics!

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