We’ve seen quite a lot of easy and useful lifestyle apps around food surfacing the past year. VIPTable is an interesting and fun twist to the concept of table bookings. So not only do they act as your personal concierge, but they aim to provide you with the perfect experience. So starting from your favorite table, to reserved seating during an event, they got your reservation needs covered. To go an extra mile, they are working on tie ups with various restaurants to have an exclusive VIPMenu, which would have a specially curated set list of the best drinks and food of the restaurant.

Last month, VIP Tables had an event at Vapour in association with Food Bloggers Association India (FBAI), where they invited a bunch of bloggers, and Akshat Prasad, from Vapour, gave us a tour of one of Bangalore’s oldest microbrewery, Vapour, explaining the brewing process, the flavors, and the brew business in the country. Vapour has outlets in Gurgaon and Bangalore, and has been running successfully for several years.


Vapour Brews

Meeting Pranav Kumar and Jeeshan Singh at the event, I had the chance to ask a few questions. Some were discussed right away, while the others, the more formative elements to the brand, were emailed out to me later. Here’s an excerpt from the discussion.

SKG: Who are the people behind VIP Table? 

Team VIP Two friends Pradeep B, Venkat D , two software professionals with over a decade of experience in developing software solutions for businesses in both India and US are the main people behind Viptable . The idea came when Venkat relocated to India and Pradeep met him during one of his visits on India. For someone used to exceptional hospitality and service in the US, we were appalled by the state of “experience” one gets when dining out in India. We looked at the landscape of other industries like banking and travel which were completely getting disrupted by the businesses making an intelligent use of technology as an enabler.

Dining , specifically aspirational / luxury dining was an industry where we found a huge mismatch in tech readiness of the user base when compared to the hospitality providers.
The idea of VIPTable started from our natural urge to solve the problem we were facing as diners which all boils down to 3C’s between a diner and a restaurant : communication, convenience and connections.

SKG: How is VIP Table different from other table reservation apps?

Team VIP VIP Table offers technology solutions to restaurants to manage their guests and be aware of their preferences even before the guest come to the actual venue. In the space crowded with “value” driven services like Groupon, dineout and delivery startups we are provider for luxury , experiential dining options. We work with our hospitality partners to provide the best luxurious option for the discerning diners. Be it a chef’s choice menu with exclusive items or a behind the scenes of the kitchen for the food enthusiasts. We provide these mini experiences to our diners. Our culture lays so much emphasis on food and celebration, but yet most of the solution providers in this space tend to focus on “value” more than anything else.
Be it a reunion  with your friends, special anniversaries, business proposals, first date each of these experiences has a deep rooted connection in the individuals life and we want to play our part in bringing back the “experience” to dining out again.

SKG: How do bloggers fit in?

Team VIP Bloggers are both our customers and also an influential voice among the diners with a refined taste in food. The bloggers network is our attempt to aggregate curated offerings from the blogger community to help the diner make the decision in choosing the best place for the special moments in their lives.

Currently is active in Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad and Bangalore, with some of the biggest names in the hospitality and restaurant businesses as their partners. More expansion plans are on the cards for next year. Their focus is not just to provide table reservations and discounts, but also to make a memorable and meaningful eating out experience for their clientele. For more information, and to use their services, please log on to:



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