I am not much of a crawler. More of a hopper really. But when we heard the fun folks from FBAI were visiting Bangalore, and were geared for a pub crawl, I jumped straight on board. The concept was to actually experience 3 types of alcoholic drinks across 3 pubs in Indiranagar, watch the mixologists at work, and munch on some grub while at it. We started bright and early, with a nice mixed bunch of people. Fellow food enthusiasts, fashion bloggers, Sam and Salloni – the FBAI founders, Roshan from Aspri Spirits & Mitali from Morning Fresh made up the gathering. First stop – Glocal Junction.

Pub Crawl

Glocal Junction – The gorgeous bar!

Around 6, Glocal was just gearing up for the evening rush to begin. We gathered in the ground floor, around their brightly lit bar. The first drink, as appropriate was the Aperol – an aperitif from Italy. What better way to start drinking than this I say! The bartender whipped up some delicious Aperol Spritz with lots of ice, Aperol, sparkling wine, a dash of soda and topped with orange. The refreshing drink was delightful, zesting orange and a aftertaste of bitterness was quite an ice breaker! At Glocal, we also got some delicious food to bite into – vegetarian pizza and chicken sliders, as well as some pass arounds like Chicken Skewers, Dynamite Prawns and Tokri Chaat. Most of us loved the prawns – yes I am partial to sea food too, though the bite sized chaat looked and tasted just great!

Pub Crawl

The food and drinks at Glocal

Bidding farewell to the fun crew at Glocal, we proceeded to Bootlegger, our second stop. This was my first time at Bootlegger, the place looked quite nice sporting the look of an old-school tavern. The Stolichnaya vodka was the liquor of choice here. Vedant, the mixologist here whipped up some delicious cocktail with brown sugar, rose mary and cherry bitters, with orange zest and cherry on top – a lovely party cocktail. And to munch on, we had some classic bar food there – a deliciously hot chicken, spiced up fries and corn ‘n’ cheese pops. Simple and enjoyable food.

Pub Crawl


Pub Crawl

Stoli at Bootlegger

And it was time to hit the last stop of our pub crawl. About Sly Granny – I quite enjoy the place and the food. We went up there for our final drink – Patron XO – a coffee flavored tequila. Roshan, from Aspri Spirits poured us generous shots of this, and we loved this delightful combination of expresso and tequila. Bitter sweet and a long lingering aftertaste – we happily tried more, quite enjoying the drink and it’s heady feeling!

Pub Crawl

Patron XO

Pub Crawl

Fun times with FBAI

Before we headed out for the night, Mitali handed us little hampers of Morning Fresh. Morning Fresh is a detox drink that I certify as a hangover cure, and totally apt after a pub crawl. To know more about Morning Fresh, read my post here!

This was one of the best crawls that I attended. People mixed well, and there was a lot of fun conversations and discussions. Also it did help that no one got crazy drunk. We look forward to more of such fun #FBAI meet ups in the city. Till then, grub on!

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