Ritz Carlton Bangalore is hosting a series of food festivals around the culinary vibrant cuisines of Indonesia. Indonesian food has seen influence from various surrounding nations, as well as through explorations from Spanish, British, Dutch and more. And this has evolved through time in their regional cuisine – as a gentle balance of spices and herbs. Chef Made Karyasa from The Ritz-Carlton, Bali is here for the next couple of months running three wonderful food festivals of 15 days each.

Bountifully Bali

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Nasi Goreng

Tapash and I were invited by Gargi for the first ongoing promotion – Bountifully Bali. The myriad of flavors in each of the dishes was amazing and distinct. The meal featured a lot of fresh sea food, and chicken roasts, bean curd curry and more – a nice variety and flavorsome. My personal favorite was the Ikan Bakan Jim Baran – sea bass baked in banana leaf, with tangy and spicy marinade. The birds eye chili made this mouth watering-ly delightful! The desserts deserve a special mention. Banana fritter was simple and not overloaded with sugar. And sticky black rice pudding is also quite interesting to try, not commonly available in Bangalore.

Bountifully Bali

Baked Spicy Seabass!


Rebung Tempe Bean Karee – Bamboo shoot & bean curd curry

The Last Word

This culinary festival has been thoughtfully segregated over 3 different segments for guests to linger over well-loved dishes and also discover some treasures from Indonesia along the way. We embarked on the Balinese exploration with Bountifully Bali that runs until 31st January, for lunch and dinner at The Market. From 1st February until 15th February, the delights from greater Indonesia comes in Indonesia Inspired promotion. And finally, Javanese Aromas with piqant flavors from Java popularized by the coffee, and the quintessential peanut sauce, sambal and more from 16th to 28th February. Chef Made would also be conducting cooking classes – the next ones are on 9th February and 23rd February. This is a wonderful unique opportunity to get the best culinary experience of Indonesia in Bangalore. So check it out at Ritz Carlton Bangalore!


Banana Fritters

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