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Ministry of Pizza
A super late post coming up – on this really fun and interesting pizza place called Ministry of Pizza. Located in the restaurant hub street of Koramangala, this is a very nicely set up area – with an open-air section overlooking the street, and a comfortable diner like seating inside. The menu is quite concise …
Papa John's Pizza
Papa John’s Pizza opened up on the (now, old) Airport Road many years back. They were right next to the then Kemp Fort – just a hop away to have some very different kind of pizzas. At that time the whole thin crust craze hadn’t started, and we liked our pizzas soft and loaded – …
The Café Mangii located at Orion Mall is amidst a few other restaurants on the floor, with a large open air section, and a small seating area inside near their kitchen. The outdoors is beautiful, overlooking the World Trade Centre, and the water fountains. Reaching this place on a week day combatting traffic from another …