Papa John’s Pizza opened up on the (now, old) Airport Road many years back. They were right next to the then Kemp Fort – just a hop away to have some very different kind of pizzas. At that time the whole thin crust craze hadn’t started, and we liked our pizzas soft and loaded – old school you see. Papa John’s Pizza excelled at their breads. With Domino’s and Pizza Hut being clear market leaders, Papa John’s advent into the market around 2005, caused quite a bit of stir. Papa was a balance offering quality dining experience with good and well-priced pizzas. So while Papa John’s didn’t reach the kind of market share that Dominos and Pizza Hut dominated, their pizzas continued to be different and delicious. When we were asked to come in for a bloggers’ meet at a Papa John’s Pizza outlet, I was thrilled and intrigued at the same time – it was a brand I was loyal to, and was following for over a decade after all! And yes, they still live by the core philosophy of ‘Better Ingredients, Better Pizzas’, recently being certified for ingredients testing negative for potassium – no fear of cancer.

Papa John's Pizza

Yummy and Gorgeous

Papa John's Pizza - Home Delivery

Our Home Delivery

I couldn’t make it to the meet, because of exams and classes in June, but the kind folks sent me some amazing stuff at home to try. Their menu is clear and organized and not overwhelming with choices. I got the Spicy Pepper Roast, All The Meats and Chicken Super Papa’s along with the Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks and Choco Mousse. First thing to notice is their superior packaging. And then the abundance of garnishes, ketchup, serviettes provided with the delivery. First step to a good experience, check.

Papa John's Pizza - Spicy Pepper Roast

Spicy Pepper Roast

Papa John's Pizza - Chicken Super Papa’s

Chicken Super Papa’s

Papa John's Pizza - All The Meats

All The Meats

The Garlic Breads are a spin off from their original garlic bread, which is like these long soft breadsticks which is served with butter. Extremely filling, and just to die for! The Spicy Pepper Roast was perhaps my favorite, those it was extremely close. This one had chunks of pepper roast chicken, more sprinkled pepper with mozzarella cheese – the right bit of spice, a loaded crust and soft cheese. Chicken Super Papa’s is a chicken lover’s delight – chicken delight, chicken salami, Italian sausages generously filled in with mushrooms and black olives. This was a very well made pizza, not really gooey or greasy. The large slices tend to droop with the weight of the toppings, it wasn’t any different here, but tasted delicious with the various different flavors coming together.

Papa John's Pizza - Garlic Breads

Garlic Breads

Papa John's Pizza - Plateing

My eating plates – All in one

All The Meats doesn’t really have all the meats. It had Chicken Sausages, Grilled Chicken and Lamb Pepperoni. And this was a slightly messy pizza with an overabundance of toppings. Now I would say there’s no such thing. There shouldn’t be any place on the pizza which is bereft of toppings, this pizza is a testament to this statement. Tapash and I decided to agree to disagree about this one, I’ve put both our views! The mousse was consumed several hours later, we needed the will and the space to eat more! Pretty nice, the right bit of sweet.

Papa John's Pizza

Pizza Slice

The pricing and quality are unbeatable, and the variety offered at Papa John’s is definitely worth exploring. Order online, or head to their outlets in the city to experience the #PapaOfPizzas.

Papa John's Pizza

Papa John’s Pizza – Abundance of Garnishes & Ketchups

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