If you are in self-quarantine as a safety measure, and you and your close ones are safe from Covid-19, then as the days go by, it gets more and more restless to be at home. No malls, no movies, club houses shut down, and no cafes or pubs to hang out in. Now you could be working from home or taking a break – but here are 5 things to remember and do while you’re self-quarantined during the outbreak.

1. Establish a routine at home

It’s very easy to get into the monotony of things and being at home for extended period will disrupt your usual routine. So, find and establish a new home routine. Organize your activities – like having breakfast, business calls, homework out, arrange for meals, clean and dust, take breaks and read, watch stuff, connect with family and friends. This would be self-discipline, and it can be as fun and creative as you’d like in your timetable – like have a slot for entertainment. You could do a wine ‘o’ clock, and video chat with your best friend; cook or bake something you always wanted to; watch that reality show which you can’t admit to watching!


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2. Take care of your personal hygiene and wellbeing

For a lot of us, working from or being at home – is giving in and being lazy about cleaning up. Now if its for a day, that is ok. But when there are extended periods like this, even if you’re staying along – clean up! If you are stepping out for the essentials and shopping or ordering them in – remember to wash your hands on every contact too.

Another important consideration is if you don’t have the correct posture or appropriate workstation. While couch and bed seem very comfortable, extended duration lying in a position could give you a stiff neck, back ache. A healthy home setup is essential.


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3. Connect with people

This quarantine has given a glimpse into a scary but very possible future. In today’s hyper connected world, where we sometimes don’t meet friends and family for months together, I can already see people feeling low and restless. So, connect and talk to people. Skype and facetime people, you want to catch up with, and haven’t had the chance to. Check in with people who you think could use a chat. Organize work catch ups for short while, and check in on team people, outside of work emails and meetings. Turn #socialdistancing to reconnect through technology.


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4. Support local businesses

While a lot of us have the privilege to work from home, thanks to our tech or writing jobs, there are MANY that cannot do that. Roadside stalls are shutting because no one is eating there anymore. Freelancers see a standstill, hospitality, recreation, arts are severely impacted. Restaurants, gyms, stores, homestays etc have also shut down as government officials urge and impose social distancing. Hence if a local restaurant or vendor has started delivery services, consider ordering from them. For essentials and supplies, head to your neighbourhood grocer.


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5. Spread awareness not hate

Being away from people, not going out and constantly thinking about the pandemic can and will take its toll. While it is important to be aware and apprised of the situation – like developments in spread, updates in research, it doesn’t help if you’re barraged with information and misinformation through facebook and whatsapp groups. It gets overwhelming, and sometimes things seem bleak and apocalyptic. And then things turn hostile and antagonistic. Yes, Covid-19 is spreading, and there are careless folks. But inciting hate, panic and shaming people is never constructive. Focus your energy towards positive and creative things, see how you can help and support communities that need it. We all want to be around people that do things, not those who judge and hate.



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The Last Word

It is a difficult time around the world, but the threat is real, and growing larger. So, for self-preservation and for general safety, look at the bigger picture and not your boredom and lack of social events. As a friend said, this is a reality check – to see how much we need to buffer in our lives. Think of the folks who are working despite everything, risking it all. Being selfish is not cool. It’s time to self-quarantine.

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