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Oven Treats
I think it’s safe to say I am not a breakfast person. Well, it’s simply too early in the morning to meet up and head for breakfast, and I can’t even go back to sleep after! Last month, I was almost tricked into an early morning meal by one of my favorite people. I say …
Hoppipola opened up a new outlet a couple of months back, and I recently visited the place for a tasting. The Kalyan Nagar area has a lot of new and interesting places for food and drinks, and Hoppi is a good addition to this locality, situated on the top floor of the Mainland China and …
A rainy Sunday evening, Tapash and I headed to BYLI for dinner. My first visit in Kalyan Nagar was somewhat of a surprise, I saw various quaint food joints open there like Prawn Crunch and Aoili, and even some familiar outlets like Mainland China and La Casa. Definitely a place I will explore more, mental …