Sotally Tober is probably what made this side of Koramangala cool. And they recently launched a new cocktail menu, and a bunch of us got together to check it out. Spread across 2 floors, loud music and an interesting menu is what would grab your attention first. Well, maybe after the initial impression of furniture all upside down outside! Gives you a heady feeling even before you step in! Usually at SoTo we hang out in the first floor, but made an exception this time. The ground floor is more quiet in comparison, better lit and less crowded as well.

Sotally Tober

Cocktail Menu

Our first round had some very interesting drinks. My pick for Tapash was the Pattaya Punch – a spicy concoction with sriracha, chilies, cucumber with vodka. He absolutely loved it, quite perfect in its zest. Good with the bar food that followed as well. My first drink was the Sotally Spice – that I enjoyed very much. Vodka with peri peri, apple juice and mint – it does sound like a milder Bloody Mary, but had a delightful flavor. This would be my recommendation for slow drinkers like me.

Sotally Tober

Pattaya Punch

Sotally Tober

Sotally Spice!

Around the table, Whisk Me Honey was ordered a few times – a lovely drink with a whiskey base, orange marmalade, ginger and honey – giving it a nice smoky finish. Slice of Summer sounded amazing – vodka, aam panna and sparkling water. I do wish the aam panna was richer – would have been even better. The Indie’s Express was another one of my picks – a very refreshing fusion vodka drink with anise syrup, curry leaves and coriander. Quite an enjoyable one.

Sotally Tober

Monks on Holiday!

We also got a few starters to bite into in between the conversations and drinks. Masala Prawns, Prawn Chili and Teriyaki Chicken were good, spicy as were most of the drinks. The food naturally paired quite well with the new menu. The main courses are like meal in a bowl – and they were quite wholesome. Mama’s mutton curry came with saffron rice, delicious. The Thai Curry meals were absolute comfort food. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised with such varied option for main courses at a bar. The last drink for the evening was Wake Up Call – dark and white rum, coffee and cream, this had a nice strong kick, and potent.

Sotally Tober

Chili Pork

Sotally Tober

Mutton Curry & Rice

Sotally Tober

Thai Chicken and Rice


The cocktail menu has some delicious options. The classic cocktails, part of their existing menu continue to be popular, and also have a 1+1 offer from Monday to Friday. The good part – they do justice to the great menu that they’ve conceptualized. And I mean that in both the drinks and the grub department. The vibe is great, pulsating and energetic. Definitely worth checking out, the new menu especially. Reservation recommended. Cheers!

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