We have been to Crowne Plaza several times in the past – for business meetings and bloggers meets that have taken place there. But recently we discovered East in Crowne Plaza – a treasure nook tucked away in Electronic City when we visited during their Dim Sum Festival. It was an early dinner right after work, and we reached East – Crowne Plaza to find a brightly lit quiet restaurant, minimalist decor. A couple of work groups occupied the tables around. The seating area overlooked the big sized kitchen – the see through glass showed the chefs hard at work. We went there for a light dinner, but the promotional festival sounded interesting, and we decided to do a Dim Sum dinner that day.

East - Crowne Plaza

East at Crowne Plaza

A dim sum dinner isn’t really as rare as you would think. Back in Calcutta, or even during my brief stints in Delhi – trying momos and dumplings hopping from one place to another was our usual evenings. And yes, they vary depending on the filling, the kind of sauces accompanying the dim sum and the texture of the wrapping – everything contributes to the dim sum experience. The menu in East comprised of 8 vegetarian and 12 non vegetarian dim sums – a good collection for varying preferences. I always start with a helping of the Chicken Dumpling – it’s the best way to gauge a good dim sum. The outer covering was thin and soft, while the fillings were nicely seasons. With the chili and pepper sauces, it was delicious!

The various Dim Sums we tried!

The various Dim Sums we tried!

The Four Season Prawn was our next choice – small little envelopes with succulent bits of spiced prawn, again quite well executed. The portion sizes were good and shareable. To try something from the vegetarian selection, we also opted for the Pokchoy and Shitake Dim Sum – a vibrant green colored with a filling to complement.

East at Crowne Plaza

The colorful assortment!

We tried a couple of more types as pass around between conversations – the ones that really stood out were the Fish Dim Sums. The sol fish was marinated with subtle spices and flavor and tasted fresh. Fish dim sums are not usually common, so was quite different to try – my first, and I quite enjoyed it. The Dim Sum festival is running till the 13th November. Head there to have some of these different and new dim sums on the menu! I intend to go back and have an actual meal here, but that’s a review for another time!

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