Neatly tucked in a by-lane near the Forum Value Mall, 153rd Biere Street is nothing short of a gem in Whitefield. The place is pretty, with neat colorful buildings housing boutique stores on one side, while there’s Mustard & Cress as well as Biere Club on the other side. Very chic, and a nice Italian feel to the whole place. And as with everything in Whitefield, parking is never a problem! Mid July a few of us were invited for a tasting of their new menu. We had a long table near the kitchen to ourselves as we tried the Biere Club samplers, along with their seasonal offerings, as wonderful choices of food were served.


Mustard & Cress


Biere Samplers

Our menus were on the table, though the maître d’ did sneak us some extra dishes on the sly, which we loved too. The portions of the tasting were kept small, to fit in a larger variety. We started off with crostini assortments with mushrooms, capsicum, tomato and potato – personally I like crostini and bruschetta to be a little creative, and they were! Interesting Indian inspired flavors in these. Then came the cheesy corn and asparagus vol au vents, and they were delicious, the creamy stuffing went just perfectly with the puff pastry outside. The oyster mushroom was subtle and flavored with parmesan crumbles. Very Milanese!

The non-vegetarian selection was far less poetic or intricate. We had the grilled chicken skewers and the Japanese style tenderloin skewers which were spiced meat and tasted alright. The minced lamb spring rolls dipped in mustard coriander chutney was a delight in contrast! I went ahead and asked for another portion for the table! They disappeared just as fast as the first round!


Triple Sampler (non vegetarian)


Vol au Vents and Oyster Mushroom with Parmesan


Indian Inspired Toppings on Crostinis

The salad that followed was a delightful fruity gush with sliced apple, watermelon, sprouts, and pomegranate. The blend of the fruits was amazing to the palate! The soup also deserves a mention, this corn, coconut and fresh coriander concoction served in a rustic chai glass was completely an unexpectedly delice.


Fruit Salad – Literally!

We were already quite full for the main course. Thankfully our hosts gave us even smaller tasting portions to encourage us forward. There was the madras veg curry and risotto, served with crisp okra, which was an interesting combination. The cheese stuffed crumble chicken was again a safe, fall back dish, while the lamb lasagna scored the best in this trio. And then we got their Indian selection with Mutton Rogan Josh and Chicken Tikka Masala, slightly non spicy avatars of the actual dishes, but an okay enough rendition.


Crumble Fried Chicken


Indian Assorted Curries

Of course the best comes last, and that was the dessert that evening. Mango Pannacotta, Red Velvet with Misti Doi and White Chocolate with hazelnut torte – each rich, distinctly flavorful and sinfully creamy. A perfect epilogue to the gastronomic experience of that evening in the beauteous ambiance of 153rd Biere Street. I definitely recommend this place, especially during early evenings while it’s bright enough to enjoy the place, and late enough to have their beer!

Location: 153 Biere Street, Behind Forum Value Mall, Varthur Main Road, Whitefield, Bangalore

For Reservation, call: +91 9845346932


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