A tasting at Aloro, a fine dining Italian restaurant that’s currently running a Milanese Food Event this month bringing some of the wonderful culinary treats from this region. The tasting included their regular menu as well as the promotional menu. My favorites of the evening were the quattro pizza, the Milanese special Osso Buco made with veal and Cassoeula with pork.


Our fare that evening included the Milanese menu as well as the regular Italian menu. We started with Zuppa de Sciqol – caramelized onion with beef meetballs, which was in taste, and the meat was just soft enough. The Busecca, which was the beans soup, wasn’t as tasty or appealing to my palate, a little too plain. The pasta selection was all pretty good and interesting. Tortelli di Zucca, Pumpkin filled Ravioli with Parmesan cream, had a very distinct creamy sweet flavor, while the Buckwheat pasta was also rather different in taste, and good.


The award winning Parmesan Trilogy

Their signature dish was the Parmesan Trilogy. Nestled on a bed of Parmesan soup with a scoop of cheesy ice cream, and a wafer delicately balanced around the ice cream, it was delightful to look at, and tasted quite radical as well. It’s quite removed from our usual concept of antipasti. While the layers of parmesan may seem overwhelming, the finesse with which this dish was executed was sheer perfection. The cold ice cream, warm soup, cheesy sweet wafer – it all fell into place like a beautiful creation.




Calamari Rings

The next course was not as poetic, but good nevertheless. We got the quattro pizza – our server patiently explained the seasonal significance of the dish. Fresh, wood fire pizza with a host of toppings – no complaints! Our main courses were quite fantastic too. The Milanese special Osso buco, big marrow bone sprinkled with Gremolata, creamy potato mash and veal meat around it was delicately cooked and tasted amazing. A meat lover would find perfection in this dish! The Cassoeula, with cous cous was also a wonderful creation of finely cooked rich pork and cabbage stew, looked small in size of the dish, but we were already full to the throat! And then there was the beef steak on a sizzler plate, one of their in house specialty. Again, the way the meat was tempered and flavored, that won ALL the brownie points!


Pasta – As delicious as it gets




Osso Buco

I am not a huge fan of desserts, and given our main course, nothing could beat that, we still persevered on! The various flavors of sorbets were fun and refreshing after the mammoth meal, while the gelatos were just about okay. The tiramisu, which needs to be perfect in an Italian restaurant, was kind of a letdown for me. The coffee wasn’t strong enough, and it was too pastry like. And there was Zuccotto – A traditional lemon and chocolate mousse cream dessert served with home made chocolate ice cream. The plating was perhaps the best that evening!


Beautiful plating of dessert.

We were a pretty big group, and we got a LOT of dishes tasted that evening, so I just covered the highlights. A meal for 2 would come up to about 3500-4000.

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