Life was never an easy gig. It got tougher with competitions and complications. This isn’t a story about me; I would rather share something I learnt from. When I joined my first job, I was as blue as anyone. We had a contract of two years and all of us were enthusiastic bunch of kids who worked and worked to prove our worth. They say bad luck doesn’t come with a warning. A colleague and friend was hit by a vehicle while trying to cross a road, and his tibia bone of the leg was split up. To not give gory details, he was bed ridden for a couple of months at least. He attempted to work and do his best to keep up with his job at that time; he was only as successful as the next guy could be in his situation. He returned to work sooner than he should have, and was limping everywhere, but trying his best to do the work he was assigned. Most of us thought he was doing an exemplary job in his situation. But hell, what did we know. Let’s call him Jayant, shall we? (It’s mighty rude to speak in pronouns for so long!)

So Jayant went through considerable pain to not miss work, and ensure that he was trying his best to focus on important things like bugs, reports and efficiency. Meanwhile, the next appraisal cycle was nearing. And while we all were a little worried, including Jay, about how much of an increment is due to us, nothing could have prepared us for what followed. A bunch of people were handed pink slips. Why? It was because their previous performance wasn’t up to the mark. No shock there, that Jay was one of the people in that bunch. Considering his accident, and medical reason, and the situation in which he was struggling to come to work, this seemed cruel and unfair. But well there’s no arguing when a thing like this happens. He left work, never to return again.

His parents were possibly relying on his income, and it did seem sad that he got dealt this bad hand of cards. Well, the rest happened as it should have. Jay recovered, and applied for jobs. He got placed with a company that paid him more than he was earning, and he has been successfully working there ever since. Now most people may say, what’s the big deal in this, people change jobs all the time! Well, yes, but it is quite different when you’re already low in the dumps, being physically injured in this case, and then get kicked in the gut, which being fired did to him. It’s easy to give up, go into depression or even return home after this kind of staggering situation. The best inspiring stories are ones of fighters, and not quitters. So find examples in common man, and look up to a better life. #LookUp

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