At the onset, I’d like to say we love burgers. And that’s why when it was about a Burger Fiesta, the distance, the traffic, the date – nothing mattered! We made way to Mynt, to try their gourmet burger menu, amidst the beautiful tranquil of Taj West End. The hotel and its beautiful lawns never cease to amaze me, the sheer grandeur and elegance of the property is quite breath taking. This time was no different, we had our usual long table set up for the tasting. Several delicious and sumptuous looking burgers were placed around the table, and I was wondering how I would get past having one!

Taj West End

Spinach and Paneer Shikampoori

Chef Sandip Narang and his team had thought it through, and hence we were served slider versions of the main burgers for the tasting. The assortment on the menu were quite interesting – aside from the main stream American Cheese Burger, Chicken and Cheese. There is the Pepper Blue Cheese Steak Burger in a Thyme and Parmesan Bun. The Crab and Artichokes with Tartar Sauce was one of the favorite burgers at the table. The delicate balance of taste was accentuated by the brie in the mix – soft and cheesy. And the fried onion bun was quite interesting as well.

Taj West End

Chicken and Cheese – Indian Spicy twist to the American Cheese Burger

Taj West End

Balik Ekmek – Turkish Fish and Salad Burger

A nice sandwich burger was the Caprese Caprese – made with the classic burrata, pesto, aragula and finished nicely with tomato jam – light and easy to eat in a ciabatta bread. The Spinach and Paneer Shikampoori with mango chutney was a delicious Indian take on burger. All burgers were served with coleslaw salad and French fries, though they do have a nice selection of sides on the menu, like nachos, chicken wings etc. A variety of add on toppings are available as well, for those who like their burgers loaded – from bacon strips to fried eggs and even guacamole. The burger indeed goes gourmet!

Taj West End

The Assortment of Burgers

Taj West End

Soy and Chili Glazed Salmon

The dark chocolate milk shake was chilled and just the right bit of dark. I don’t know about others, but burgers and chocolate shake suddenly was the best combination ever!

Taj West End

Pepper Blue Cheese Steak

In summary, the assortment of burger binge was quite a fun experience to try. I did miss have lamb burgers on the menu though, but the sea food definitely made up for it! The selection is available at Taj West End between 16th June to 1st July. The fiesta is available for both lunch and dinner.

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