The Oberoi, Bangalore had brought Rivaayat-e-Patiala by Chef Parvinder Singh Bali to Bangalore – that saw an amazing repertoire of recipes rediscovered – rare, different, rustic yet essentially Punjabi fare. The menu featured culinary gems of Patiala – found in a book, well manuscript of sorts – that Chef Bali received from the Royal Family of Patiala. The book contained traditional recipes from the royal kitchens, and that’s where the real journey began. Unraveling recipes from another time – took more than just translating the cooking directives. The methods and cooking techniques were different, measurements were disparate. The dishes were unheard of, and the ingredients mentioned were unusual.


Le Jardin – Rivaayat-e-Patiala


Rivaayat-e-Patiala – The Setup

But while the food is different from what usually makes up Punjabi fare in restaurants, Chef Bali says there is no mistaking its origin. “When you eat that food, you know you’re eating something from Punjab. It’s chunky and rustic.” Chef Bali is amazing to talk to – with his treasure trove of knowledge and stories. He is the Dean of the Culinary School at the prestigious Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development. And his passion to discover and probe has evidently remained as strong as that of his young students.


All kinds of yumminess!

Some of the amazing dishes served on this menu –

Ashkauri Champaan – Princess of kapurthala Ash kaur’s favourite lamb preparation of tandoor roasted lamb chops.  Flavoured with kasoori methi, yoghurt and mustard oil. Delectable and mouthful of surprise!

Patiala shahi tikki – Yam braised with potatoes and green peas, minced, stuffed with yogurt and mint and shallow fried – a dish again brought together with familiar flavors beautifully.

Shalgam wala Gosht – My favorite from the menu, braised lamb and turnips cooked in sealed pots – heavenly!

Dal Bhukpari – Green mung lentils cooked on dum with ginger, ghee and saffron – just the simple luxuries of life!

The dessert selection was also rich and royal. And included some amazing surprises like Mirch da halwa and Pyaaz wali kheer.


With Chef Bali


We were invited by Pinky to Le Jardin and had the opportunity to experience recipes lost in time – found in the annals of a centuries’ old book. The taste and flavors were really be an experience worth remembering for a long, long time.  The festival was on until 15th November, for lunch and dinner at Le Jardin.

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