A lot of us when going out to restaurants in groups prefer using deals and coupons. But in almost all the websites that offer it, the process is so far from real time, that we actually need to plan way in advance to be actually able to utilize any value saver options. And that’s usually not viable when you’re making spur of the moment plans. So when I heard about CitySurf – a lifestyle coupon app – that’s already in Delhi NCR, and now coming to Mumbai and Bangalore, it sounded like a cool and evolved concept of the newspaper or website coupons like Nearby and Groupon. This post is mainly to bring out an awareness on the app, that’s available both on Google play store and App Store – and how to use this app to make sure you get great deals on the go!



CitySurf offers deals on various categories dining, lifestyle, personal care & wellness to entertainment – their Buy 1 Get 1 vouchers allow smart spending and savings easily. So offers usually like ‘Buy 1 main course, Get 1 free’ etc. There’s a Saving’s tracker that makes sure you know where and how much you’re saving. And how do you get these, is it a hassle search and buying and printing vouchers? Nope, all those are old school.



1. Here there’s a monthly membership fee to use unlimited offers from the app at Rs.100 per month.

2. 100% paperless redemptions. Gone are the days where we would carry print outs of the coupons.

3. Search for a place you have in mind, or view available listings with CitySurf. Choose offers listed, and click on Redeem Coupon, and voila!

Smokehouse Deli on Citysurf

Smokehouse Deli on CitySurf

4. Want to try it before you get on board? There’s a 7 day free trial period!


Toscano on CitySurf

Whether it’s a lunch that you’re planning, or spa vacation, or any fun activity, the CitySurf app helps effortlessly saving and getting great deals with no hassle!

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