Our visit to Nimisserie was one hot Saturday afternoon. One doesn’t expect Bangalore to get quite as hot in March, but here we are. We were ushered into this trans-modern restaurant with an interesting blend of elements. The chairs were a little funky, the beautiful table mats and muted décor left the place looking classic without trying hard. One entire wall, across the two floors, was glass, hence naturally lit, but also too bright and hot in the afternoons. Chef Nimish Bhatia founded this place, and it opened doors towards the end of last year. Aspect Cuisine is essentially about food being more than just palatable, but an experience for all the senses. He brings forth a culmination of global ingredients into a beautiful culinary perspective. We were there for the tasting of their degustation set menus, the 7 course meal, called the Aspect Bon Vivant.


The Beautifully Crafted Plate from Agra

What would turn out to be a really long brunch started with a very curious palate cleanser comprising of papdi chaat, sour cream and pomegranate – which had left a bitter sweet taste. Our appetizer was a chilled samosa wrapped in melon served with ber churan and hibiscus dust. This is definitely something I’ve not had before, and the cold melon with the puree inside and the tangy churan wash such an interesting implosion of flavors, I savored every bit to remember the taste! I can’t say I was crazy about it, but I was curious to try more.


Melon Samosa!


Smoked Chicken Salad


Mix It Up!

The salad that followed was presented beautifully in a round jar, with the dressing on top. Chicken breast, smoked aragulla, marigold flowers, basil, dehydrated apple – it was a pretty and healthy salad as any. Mixed together they were blended in very well. The freshly brewed soup tomato bubble soup of herb infusion followed. Here as well, there was an abundance of edible flowers, root veggies, and the molecular gastronomy brought together a complex rendition of flavors to this simple soup. The Lamb Galawat came next, minced curried lamb in a cream horn shell, and it was lovely enough for me to ask for a second helping.


The Freshly brewed broth


Molecular Gastronomy Reconstructed

The Dhokla prawns, that followed, weren’t my favorite. The prawn came crusted on the dhokla but the foam around it, made the dish less desirable. Not the best combination in my opinion. The Hajmoli chuski was right on time to cleanse the palate mid meal, before we moved onto the serious stuff! Truffle Oil Chicken Tikka, parantha and curry makhani was quite nice, the chicken delicious and soft. But the winner dish was definitely the Baby Spare Ribs served with keema biryani and with a Rogan Josh like gravy in a small cute little Hawkins pressure cooker – which I couldn’t get enough of!


Dhokla Prawns


Hajmola Chuski

A meal here, would be pretty self-explanatory in conveying what the Chef’s idea of Aspect Cuisine is. Every dish was plated beautifully, with elements of surprise and innovation. The Mishti Doi Brulee was our dessert for the afternoon, and it was definitely the best saved for the last. Delicate tart filled with creamy mishti doi, and beautifully served with a rickshaw and the plate decorated with drizzled sugar. Again something I couldn’t get enough of! The décor pieces, table ware, even this rickshaw were things that Chef Nimish picked up during his roadtrip to China. The marble table piece was sourced from Agra – hand crafted, and I actually had picked up a mini Taj Mahal of similar workmanship during my trip there!


The Vegetarian Selection


Truffle Oil Chicken Tikka


Pork and Keema Biryani

The experience was lovely, and one of a kind. The portions of the courses are quite small, and paced well so it’s quite easy to enjoy their 7-11 courses in a leisurely lunch. The novelty of the place is probably what would draw me back here. Though I am very keen to try the Bacon Kulcha from their a-la carte selection. They have sections in the first floor for private chefs cooking for a group as well – and there’s more ideas and creative revelations coming up from Nimisserie.


Mishti Doi Creme Brulee

The Nimisserie offers a choice of degustation menus: 7 courses for Rs 1,950++, 9 courses for Rs 2,950++ and 11 courses for Rs 3,950++, while a-la carte would be 2500 for a meal for 2. For more information, visit:

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