Jiyo Natural is a Bangalore based health food startup. Founded by a group of food & health enthusiasts, who craved for a good healthy meal at their workplaces. Jiyo Natural provides healthy, wholesome and nutritionally balanced meals to consumer. The nutritionally balanced aspect is the key aspect to a healthy diet. A lot of us are under the assumption that eating less food, or skipping rice and carbs, or even eating salads every day is a ‘good diet’. The truth couldn’t be farther from it. Jiyo Natural operates two flagship products –

  • Jiyo Health, a nutritionally balanced meal that is a wholesome, calorie counted, chemical free and cooked in a scientifically healthy manner
  • Jiyo Manage, a personalized meal option for consumers in need of managing health or lifestyle conditions

So as part of my review, I had a consultation discussion with Dr.Sunandini Sharma from the Jiyo Natural Team. This is mainly done to discuss a person’s existing diet, any lifestyle or dietary restriction, any special condition, etc. The first meal I received was the Jiyo Health. Shown below is an extract of the meal plan break up. Notice the balance of fiber, vitamins, proteins, calcium healthy fats. Yes, that’s real. Not all fat is bad.

Jiyo Natural

Menu Breakup

The food itself was a vegetarian thali – comprising of phulka, dal tadka, pulao, jeera curd, pumpkin pudding, sprouts salad and veg kadai. Quite a wholesome meal, by no means would leave you hungry. The phulka and sabji were very nicely made, no excess oil or spice, but tasty nevertheless. I wasn’t a big fan of the pulao – the brown rice is harder than what we are used to.

Jiyo Natural

Healthy Wholesome Meal

The next meal I opted for had a different assortment – Peanut Salad, Amchur Bhindi, Dal Tadka, Multi Grain Phulka, Quinoa Moong Khichdi – the whole meal coming up to about 415 Kcals. Again, designed for the specific body and diet type, this meal would be specialized to balance any condition that exists.

Jiyo Natural

The Second Meal

For a healthy and balanced diet, reach out to for a consultation and meal plans.

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