It’s always a wonderful feeling to go to a unique kind of place, which lives up to all its expectations. November saw two visits to Windmills in the far away Whitefield. It’s on the top of what looks to be a software company building, near ITPL. The building seems like it’s under construction, but once you’re inside the place, no such doubts would intrude your experience. A long hall set up, with bookshelves on walls and up to ceilings, strong woody interiors. There’s the bar and sound console on one end, with the brew set up adjacent. And the other corner has the stage for their artists and the performances. There’s a parallel balcony with open air seating as well, which albeit chilly now, would be wonderful in summers.

We had seats in the first row the 2nd day of Dana Gillespie’s show. Thanks Arhona for saving those for me! The lights are dimmed during the performance, whereas on other days, it’s delightfully muted, but bright enough. The venue is perfect for performances, great sounds and acoustics, very well organized event, punctual with minimal glitches. During performance days, for seating, entry is 750, and standing is 500. This isn’t cover, so may seem a little steep, but totally worth for the experience.

Dana Gillespie's performance

Dana Gillespie’s performance

The food and drinks were pretty good as well. We had their beer sampler, and they were very professional about it. They put a mat on your table with labels and intro’s of the beers then place the respective beers on it, so you don’t have to remember what your waiter told you or keep asking. The stout and ale were very nice, fresh and good taste. We started with chicken wings and skewers. The wings were not spicy, but we didn’t expect them to be. Tasty yes, and spicy perhaps for non Indians. The skewers were again not hot in taste, but quite pleasant and well cooked, with a nice dip. The chicken Persian kabab was served with bread, a mild sauce, and tasted great in that combination. The grilled spicy chicken, which was our main course, took 45 minutes to cook, and was good, very rich in taste, soft meat with delicate delicious flavors. Very good!

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For dessert we got the sticky toffee pudding and chocolate cake. And just well wow, they were both amazing. Just the right amount of sweet, beautifully presented. I am not much of a dessert person, but they surely aced these! The toffee pudding was a little crunchy, with chocolate dust and caramel sauce and ice cream. The cake on the other hand had crisps dipped in caramel on the outside, while the cake itself was soft, mushy and completely rich chocolate.


This place is perfect for a date or a quiet evening out. Or hang out with a bunch of friends. Or just do nothing. Windmills Craftworks.

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