Right about the time India celebrates its various avatars of Sangkranti, Thailand celebrates Songkran. Songkran is a harvest festival marking the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year. And as is the case with most festivals, feasts come as a synonymous part of the celebrations. We were invited to Rim Naam, at The Oberoi Bengaluru by Pinky, to experience the Songkran menu curated by none other than award winning Chef Tam.

Rim Naam

Songkran at Rim Naam

We were recently at Rim Naam, and noticed that the Thai New Year brought about some subtle changes to the décor. Our meal started with some spicy clear soup, and despite the heat – the soup was quite refreshing. Our tasting menu covered most of the Songkran menu, but here are the highlights. Goong pun Oyi was the Spicy prawns on sugarcane sticks. The spice of the prawns mixed with the sugary sweetness of cane, and the flavors that emerge is beautiful. Mee Kra Ti was a very different kind of dish. Vermicelli noodles with beetroot sauce and coconut milk – delicious! Some summer cocktails kept us company, while we indulged in this Thai affair.

Rim Naam

Prawns & Sugarcane

Rim Naam

Songkran Menu Cocktails

Rim Naam

Fish in Thai Green Paste

Rim Naam

Gang Par – Thai Jungle Curry

Poo nim ohad pong Curry came plated very nicely. Stir fried soft-shell crab with yellow curry and eggs, a very different dish around the basic yellow curry. Moo thod kartiam was pretty much my favorite dish. I contributed to finishing almost single handedly! It was deep fried pork in garlic and onion sauce – well cooked and just the right flavors, I wish this makes way to their main menu too. The traditional dessert of the Songkran menu is sticky rice balls with coconut milk and sliced mangoes – simple and soul food! We also forayed from the festival menu to have the coconut sorbet, and we loved it. Don’t miss that!

Rim Naam

The Crab!

Rim Naam

Sticky Rice & Mango!

The Last Word

This festival is on until 22nd April. I strongly recommend it for an amazing and authentic festive Thai meal. This is available only for dinner, in two slots. Aside from this promotional menu, the food at Rim Naam is amazing. Thai food does spice very well, and they don’t hold back here. Though the wait staff does ask your preference to customize the dish if need be. So check it out people!

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