Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs at ITC Windsor brings recipes that showcase an amalgamation of Awadhi cuisine with Anglo fare. The décor of the restaurant combines the art of Indian fine dining, and unmistakable vintage charm. Tapash and I were recently in Dum Pukht, our favourite restaurant in the city. Various ITC Hotels across in India have Dum Pukht, and some of them have also flavours from royal regional kitchens.

Dum Pukht

The royal setup!

The Chef’s menu is a classic, and perhaps the easiest way to experience the best of Dum Pukht. Start with Murgh chandi tikka – with chicken morsels oh so tender. Next up would be the Jhinga Dum Nisha – succulent jumbo prawns, cooked in tandoor and finished on the dum. And finally, the kebab superstar – the delicate melt in the mouth Kakori. Finely minced lamb, flavoured with cloves and cinnamon and chargrilled, and served with a sprinkling of saffron. So delicate and divine!

Dum Pukht

Murgh chandi tikka and Jhinga Dum Nisha

Dum Pukht

Kakori <3

The mains are quite amazing too – don’t miss the Koh-e-Awadh. This is the master chefs’ recipe for quorma of lamb shanks, dum cooked in their own cardamom tinged juice and marrow. Its brilliant with Naan or Warqi paratha, but I love it with Dum Pukht Biryani. The burani raita that accompanies the biryani also deserves a special mention. The Dal Dum Pukht is Master Chef’s family recipe – Arhar dal with hung yoghurt – and finished with a hint of garlic.

Dum Pukht

The mains – a balance of vegetarian and non vegetarian selections!

You’d think the dessert can be skipped, but don’t. The Kulfi badshah pasand is rich and creamy with saffron and pistachio Kulfi, while the Begum’s Pudding is a baked pudding of koya mixed with ground almond, served with brandy sauce.

Dum Pukht

Chef Srinivas – a culinary legend!

The Last Word

Dum Pukht in ITC Windsor is a restaurant that impresses every time. Each dish is intense, delicious and unique in flavors. And the best part? Over the years, the taste, service and experience has remained exemplary. A restaurant worth traveling to, waiting for and celebrating in! It’s open for lunch and dinner, and a meal for two is about ₹5,000. Prepare to time travel to another era of grandeur and opulence, with amazing food. #sheknowsgrub

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