A few weeks back in April 2016, Swiggy organized a breakfast walk in association with Seek Sherpa. The first stop of the walk was Brahmin’s Coffee Bar in Basavangudi. The decided time was 9, we were early, while most of the folks were late. Now ‘Brahmin’s’ is there in several parts of Bangalore, so to avoid confusion, use GPS location or full names. In our case, some of the folks landed up in Brahmin’s Tiffin and Coffee in Jayanagar instead, which is about 5km away from here. This is one of the really old places in Bangalore known for it’s coffee and idlis. There’s no place to sit, it’s a standard quick service format of standing either inside – which is pretty hot, or outside in the street, well shaded by the trees – that’s where patrons consume their respective orders. While the place is usually crowded, it’s better before 9. Service is quick and efficient, at times dismissive, but again that’s because they are efficient. My fellow breakfast explorers were discouraged from taking pictures, we graciously complied.

Brahmin's Coffee Bar

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

Brahmin's Coffee Bar

Coffee Coffee!

Brahmin's Coffee Bar

Idli Vade

The idlis were soft, fluffy and fresh, loaded with sambar, and chutney is available on a counter near the exit. The chutney was really fresh and flavorful – aromas of groundnuts, truly mouthwatering! The vadas were also deliciously crispy and supremely tasty. I strongly recommend this for people who like simple breakfasts like idli and vade. We did meet a few people from various parts of the city, who had come down that morning to experience this breakfast. This is one of the oldest places serving it, and definitely very well known. It definitely lives up to the reputation that precedes it!

Brahmin's Coffee Bar

More Coffee

Brahmin's Coffee Bar

Breakfast Walk

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