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Phi Phi Islands
This was almost a blog I didn’t write. Most people that visit Thailand do a day trip to the Phi Phi islands, but I had it on good authority that these are the prettiest places to visit – thanks Sunay and Anamica! Part of the Krabi Province, there are several islands that form a part …
Perhaps the longest standing vacation plan I have ever had was Thailand. It was supposed to be our quick vacation, bachelorette party, a winter break, and so many more things – that absolutely refused to materialize. But 2019 was kind. And I planned one of those lazy vacations, yes to Thailand. The main intent was …
https://housing.com/. Time is possibly the most precious commodity that exists today. And the best gift you can possibly give someone is to gift them your time. Now that’s not always possible in the kind of multi faceted lives we lead with work, sports, art and various other activities requiring time and commitment in an already …