My last visit to Singapore was about 2 years ago. I stayed at the Albert Court Village Hotel, which is this cute little property on Albert Street, with a lot of small cafes and dinner places around. The property itself was on a huge courtyard, serving complimentary breakfast, kickback snacks and really nice rooms. I stayed there for about two weeks so I had a lot of time to hang out at the boat quay, see the sound and light show, even head to Sentosa for a day. Singapore incidentally has a Tamil radio station, and an area called Little India, where my colleagues used to take me for lunch. The thing about Singapore is that it has such a cosmopolitan ethnicity, from Indians, to Chinese to Malay, that the food is just as diverse as it can possibly be, depending on where you head to.

My work was in the CBD area, where it’s mostly food trucks and food courts, which had these combo meals of various kind of malay flavored rice, like Nasi Goreng, Nasi Lemak and soups or various kinds of stuffing in curry puffs or dumplings. In the evenings when I headed out to the Quay, which is such a nice, sometimes calm area, the street restaurants and light music would remind you of sidewalks in Europe, and I walked into places to have some great wine and pasta. This is just overlooking the water, and the sky line of the numerous banks that have set up operations in Singapore. The mall around the Marina Bay are quite luxurious, there’s not a brand in the world that’s missed out. And some of these malls had exclusive dining options serving the best meat and wine, and offering the majestic view of the marina. I was content to watch the light and sound show at the port, and drink beer! I did manage to go to East Coast side, and that’s a whole different kind of place, with beer pubs, wings and fries on the menu and of course a slightly long drive from the city to get there.

On the one weekend that I had, I headed out to Sentosa on a cable car. I guess it’s one of those things you MUST do in Singapore. The trip was really nice, we saw a dolphin stunt show, went underneath the water kingdom, saw the most gloriously illuminated sea anemones. One of the major attractions in Sentosa is a laser show. I had seen many of those in my travels, but I definitely can say this was the best! There was almost real like animations using lasers, an actual story depicted and all of it shown so clearly and beautifully. The cable cars also show an amazing view of Singapore! Universal Studios is also a thing you shouldn’t miss, but well, next time .. I explore more!

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