Last Saturday, Saina invited Soham and me over for a breakfast at Nasi & Mee. The breakfast is a relatively new addition, and is served only on weekends. It was a while since I’ve visited Nasi during the day time, and I was quite happy to see everything looked same as before. People were slowly trickling in for breakfasts around 10 am – and we got our very own personalized menus to place our orders from – awesome!

Nasi & Mee

Ice Blended Milo

Our meal started with some Ice Blended Milo and Singapore Kaya Toast. And these will be my topmost recommendations from the breakfast menu. Kaya is basically a coconut jam spread made with coconut milk, pandan leaves, butter and eggs. This was delicious, light and mildly sweet. I am not much of a bread eater, but I tried several helpings of the toast. It was great. Milo Shake was brilliant, not too thick nor too much ice – loaded generously with the chocolate powder.

Nasi & Mee

Kaya Toast

The Pandan Coconut Pancakes are pretty nice as well, especially for those who like traditional breakfasts. Here they are topped with whipped cream, fresh fruits and a drizzle of malacca sugar. I, however, strongly recommend the Asian rendition of another classic – the Thai Styled Eggs Benedict. Eggs on sour dough with Tom Yum hollandaise sauce – this was amazing to eat, the eggs were perfectly poached, the sauce was beautiful.

Nasi & Mee

Pandan Coconut Pancakes

Nasi & Mee

Thai Eggs Benedict

Nasi & Mee

The puddings and yogurts!


There are various other options available in the breakfast menu, and I intend to go back to Nasi & Mee and try them on a weekend soon. The top favorites would definitely be ordered again – Kaya Toast, Tom Yum Eggs Benedict & Ice Blended Milo. Have a great Sunday everyone!

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