Tipsy Bull has been open around my workplace for a while. But we only visited recently – twice, when a bunch of us had to get together, and wanted to hang out at a new place, and not one of our old haunts in the area. Both days turned out to be utterly rainy days. We reached almost an hour past our reservation on a Saturday night. Luckily, everyone seemed to be delayed, and the place was not too crowded, and the folks there graciously had kept our table. Lovely breezy and bright ambiance, that’s the vibrant Tipsy Bull, unicycles around the bar, large screens for the matches, and of course the game of the bulls and bears! Yep! Tipsy Bull brings the stock exchange for drinks to Bangalore, where the prices of drinks change based on real time demand. Demand goes up, so does the price, and comes down with lower demands.

The Tipsy Bull - Bar Stock Exchange!

The Tipsy Bull – Bar Stock Exchange!

The place has varied seating – a completely open air section behind, a center area with colorful metal furniture, some wooden high chairs and yeah some unicycles – oh I already mentioned that! There are some office tables and chairs as well, dreadfully boring looking! So as we sat down, we were logged onto their free, pretty decent speed wifi, and were also directed to Tipsy Bull app. There, like (!), you can see the price of drinks change, and the lowest price reached for the drink that day. All we did was pick our drinks, watched prices go down close to the lowest of the day, and order it on the app, putting in your table number. A server came to confirm our orders, and that’s it! Besides the app, they have a menu for the food.

Tipsy Bull!

Check out the Unicycle Seats!

The Tipsy Bull!

And the Music Player lined up!

Our meal started with Nachos and Potato Wedges (they don’t serve fries) – both were good, simple and fresh. The Mutton Gilafi Sheek Kabab was alright – the mutton was a little chewy, and not as flavorful as it looked. The Spiced Chilli Garlic Prawns were again quite delicious, hit the sweet spot. The drinks are good, we got the Mai Tai – tall and elegant, looked like the Tequila Sunrise – and Long Island Iced Teas – served in colorful metal buckets. Not crazy about the buckets, but anything goes! They have a good pricing on wine, which we ordered a couple of bottles of – and thoroughly enjoyed!

The Tipsy Bull

LIITs in small buckets

The Tipsy Bull

The Tipsy Weekends!

The Tipsy Bull

The Tipsy Weekends!

The music went from retro to club as the night progressed. The DJ Console has some old tape recorders, or well dummy ones – lined up around. A great place, with a decent enough crowd – just a tad difficult to go on weekdays because of the insane traffic in the area. Loved it nevertheless! And like they say – Trade wisely and drink responsibly!

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