TheONE opens a whole new world of know-how. Search for any expert and have direct contact 24/7 via live video chat. Or sign up as an expert and start earning per minute for offering your service via live video chat. Pick a skill and learn or teach, it’s really that simple. You know more than you know. So, start sharing your expertise or skills and make other people happy. Whoever you are, wherever you are. It’s fun & it’s easy with Call TheONE. Profile yourself & start earning or learning.

The ONE Platform

With a cool mantra #ShareYourKnowledge, Call TheONE brings a new edge to communication and (l)earning. Think if your phone could be your classroom.  And it’s not just educational skills but languages, music, consulting, yoga, strategy – anything can be accessed, because the right people are there – somewhere in the world. This new app is available on phone as well as on desktops/laptops – so choose whatever is comfortable.

Call ItONE

Easy Step by Step Assistance

For those who’d like to share their skills – sign up, create a profile and set any price per minute. Every minute you offer your services you make money. Don’t charge too less as you probably are worth more than you know. If you’re unsure, start low and then build up. And then manage your availability at your convenience.

Call TheONE

Join the modern classroom and get set to (L)earn!

Call TheONE

So, head over to and use my link to get a 5 EUR credit. It’s all about live video interactions, and you can pick up a skill, share your knowledge and earn all on the go.

This is a sponsored post. Opinions about the app expressed is the author’s own.

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