In July, I went to the Bungalow Bar for dinner for the second time. Quite an expansive place behind an olden day house door, set up in 2 levels. The ground has the dining and bar area, while upstairs there’s the game den and a private party hall. They aren’t serving liquor yet, but soon, very soon! Buffet is being served for lunch and dinner, but we had a-la carte to try stuff off of their main menu. We started off with the Wild Mushroom Soup and Tom Yum Kung Soup. The mushroom is a cream soup served with a single bread toast loaded with mushroom. It was delicious, just plain cream of mushroom. The Tom Yum was a little spiced with lemon grass and had a nice tangy taste to it, more atypical soup that we are used to. Then came the Chicken Tikka Trio which had the classic tikka, cheese and coriander variants. The cheese was definitely the best of the three, having a nice creamy taste to it. Each kabab came with its own chutney on the dish, and was quite well suited. I got myself the Chili Pork next – their Kerala styled pork tossed in pepper. While the meat was quite tender, and the dish was spiced up, it wasn’t as hot as I expected chili pork to be. The flavors were good nevertheless, we moved on.

July 149

The Recreation Centre

July 163

Tikka Trio

July 147

Live Counters

For the mains, we kept our options simple. First came the Nasi Goreng. The simple adaptation of the Indonesian Fried rice was rendered quite well. The dish was served with chicken satays and shrimp paste was provided separately, as everyone does not fancy it. There was the fried egg perfectly placed on the rice, and also had prawn papad! Simple but tasty. The next choice was a ‘Make Your Pasta’ but with the pasta counter closed, the chef made mine! A simple fusilli in white sauce with ham. It was alright, maybe bacon would be better than ham pieces, they got soggy in the sauce, and you don’t want meat soggy. Finally in bowls to share we ordered the mutton stew with naan bread. The dish served was definitely delicious, succulent pieces of mutton slow cooked in spices, but was nearer in taste to kosha mangsho (semi gravy preparation of mutton) than a stew, marked by the thick gravy and lack of vegetables in the dish. But decidedly good to taste, the misnomer could be overlooked.

July 168



Nalli Nihari

To conclude this pretty long meal, we chose their very interesting dessert the Desi Tiramisu. The flavors of coffee and cheese were strong and appealing to the palate, with the dash of liquor making it a heavier dessert than it looked! A wonderful preparation this was.

July 173

Desi Tiramisu


The Dessert Trio

The service was prompt and helpful. The area is big, and they have a service assistant installed (smart device to place order or get the check) which will make it easier for customers when the place is crowded. The servers know what’s good on the menu, made it easier for me to order. In a previous visit, we had the Nalli Ki Nihari, which was delightful lamb shanks in brown gravy. The plating of the dishes is quite nice as well. Bungalow is a pretty good option for quick lunches as well as long meals. The ambiance is really nice, whether for an evening out or to watch a game. Their menu is quite elaborate and covers various cuisines, and the pricing is great.

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