Broadway opened up about a month back, and has made quite a buzz since then. Situated at the beginning of 27th Main, HSR Layout – with a nice view of the busy bridge, street and the green army area, Broadway is about gourmet food and showmanship with distinct styling and presentation. More than serving a specific cuisine, Broadway’s menu reflects an interesting mix of global food, while focusing on an experiential dining. A few of us were invited for a tasting to the restaurant, and we were quite enthused about this new place, so close to home.




Nigiri, California Maki, Salmon Dragon Roll

The restaurant has two levels of seating, one on the roof top which is mainly intended as a lounge area. The lower level has provisions for a bar that’s yet to start, a Teppan booth, a live salad counter. The Teppanyaki station has seating all around it, and we promptly placed ourselves there to be entertained and pampered by the chef. A series of sushi dishes were served, since we were all keen on trying the variants available. The Nigiri, California Maki, Salmon Dragon Roll were all splendidly done, served with a dollop of wasabi and ginger, accompanied by soy sauce. The sea food was fresh, and thereby the dishes tasted fresh and good too.


Soup, Stoned Scallops

Meanwhile we were also served some Stoned Scallops. True to the name of Gourmet Theatre, a chef set about making the scallops on a hot plate, delicately cooked with white butter, topped with herbs and celery. The texture of the scallops was perfect, not too chewy or rubbery, just enough to bring the taste together. Another interesting dish was the Hathoda Murgh – a chicken with spices is wrapped in a banana leaf and then in clay, and cooked. To serve, it is – yes literally – broken with a hammer, garnished and served. Drama on! I was not floored with the taste of this dish, somehow the build up possibly led to my taste buds to imagine something almost ethereal. It wasn’t. It was a spiced grilled chicken, good to eat with rotis.


Hathoda Murgh

The chef then started the Teppan presentations – with various meat, sea food, chicken and vegetables – quite nice to watch, very engaging. This would be a fun activity for a group – family or friends, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Our desserts were 2 fold – there was the Dark Chocolate Volcano and Tab Tim Crob. The Chocolate Volcano was a beautifully plated dessert, and the hot chocolate sauce poured down on it led to the outer layer of the cake to crumble , ad blend with the cream and chocolate to create a delish mix. The volcano took a while to crumble, but it was worth the wait! Tab Tim Crob, the classic Thai dessert with water chestnut in coconut milk, tasted good. However I missed the bits of coconut pieces that would have made this even better!


Dark Chocolate Volcano and Tab Tim Crob

Broadway – The Gourmet Theatre is a place worth experiencing. The service is good, staff attentive and helpful. The dishes are curious, interesting – and I love that their menu isn’t overwhelmingly large. One of the unique places in the area, bringing forth a completely new value proposition to diners. Explore on!

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