Bangalore city has seen a rapid growth in terms of things to experience and indulge in. This has led to an exponential growth of restaurants serving various kinds of cuisines, delicacies as well as regional food. And of course, everyone has their perspective of favourite eateries, and places to indulge themselves with, but if I had to list my pick of Bangalore’s Fine Dining Restaurants that I consider the best, it would definitely comprise of an authentic Chinese meal at Memories of China, a Japanese Experience at Edo, Kebabs at Dum Pukht and great Italian fare at Bene.

Memories of China – Authentic Chinese Fine Dining

Our first pick is Chef William Tong’s hand crafted creations on the menu at Memories of China, Vivanta by Taj – a meal that’s like a gastronomic journey through the regions and terrains of China. This beautiful restaurant resonates the culture in décor, the attentive service is a highlight and the food is curious, unique and perhaps, unparalleled in the city. Must try dishes would be fried prawns coated with wasabi & mayonnaise topped with caviar – a dish so amazing that the flavours define the pathway to heaven, juicy and made to perfection. Grouper Fish with Egg White is another delicious and unique preparation – seasoned with fresh chillis – definitely recommended.

Fine Dining

Authentic Chinese at Memories of China

Edo – The Japanese Experience

Bangalore is a city that quite likes Eastern food. And Edo at ITC Gardenia is a premiere destination for Japanese cuisine. The name is inspired by the ancient name of the city Tokyo, here Japanese food isn’t just about sushis, or tempuras. It is about an experience that spans from the time you walk in, to every dish meticulously handcrafted and rituals adapted from the traditional meals. The Edo Sashimi Platter, the Robatayaki experience are highly recommended.

Fine Dining

The beautiful ITC Gardenia

Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs – Royal Dining Redefined

Located in the ITC Windsor, Dum Phukt the Jolly Nabobs is elegance-borne of aristocracy.  The high ceiling, soft hues and subtle music transports you to almost a different era. An unparalleled restaurant perfect for celebrating those special occasions, or a meal here can make any day memorable too! The Kakori Kebab is a signature dish here – finely minced mutton with cloves, cinnamon and served with a drizzle of saffron, served with small breads. Soft, immensely flavourful, and made to perfection, this dish alone can make your visit to Dum Phukt worth it. The Raan-E-Dumphukt is another delicious dish that I would recommend here. Slow cooked lamb on dum, making the meat amazingly tender. Dum Pukht offers the most exquisite experiences in the city, truly fine dining.


Delicious Kakori Kababs

Bene – A Taste of Italy

Bene, Sheraton Grand promises a modern Italian meal with the charms and exuberance of traditional food from the heart of the country. The pastas and salad selections here are delicious and the raviolis are spectacular. The oven fresh pizzas are delicious, and truly Italian. The food from different parts of Italia are distinct, and the food here translates those intricacies well into the cuisine. This is a must visit for food lovers in the city for a good hearty meal.


Some delicious Italian fare!

So if you are looking for a perfect blend of exclusivity, these fine dining experiences are must try in Bangalore. Whether it’s the authentic pizzas or delicious kebabs, pure decadence is symbolised by delicious and fine food! And if indulgence is what you are looking for, the limited edition Maruti Suzuki Dzire Allure truly exemplifies indulgence and exclusivity.

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