When you consider that an estimated 41.7 million tourists visited the UK in 2018, it is clear there is obviously a lot to discover and love about this country. With lots of awesome accommodation to choose from, lively nightlife and a vibrant contemporary culture scene, you will love UK-based breaks.

Of course, the other thing which makes this country so popular to holiday in is the massive number of historical sites and buildings. These are not only fun to see and wander around but gives a real feeling of the proud history on offer in the UK. But which are the most exciting historical sites to call in on?




One of the most well-known historic UK sites to take in is Stonehenge. It is found in the county of Wiltshire in the South-West of England – this region in itself is a tourist mecca with 2.6 million visitors in 2017. Most people know this site for the impressive stone circle which dates back around 4,500 years! As well as this amazing feat of engineering, Neolithic houses have been recreated from the same period. This exciting historical site also has a world-class exhibition centre with thousands of ancient artefacts to look at. Close to London, it is also easy to get to for a day out in the area.

Loch Lomond


Lake Lomond

Another great historical site to take in is Loch Lomond. This is a body of water known for its serene beauty and outstanding views. Located just half an hour away from Glasgow in Scotland, the loch is actually situated in a national park. Whether you want to sit on the banks and relax or get more active on the water, this is a fun place to spend time for the whole family. As with all UK historical sites, it has a fascinating past – and it’s surely one of the reasons why Scotland attracted 3.2 million visitors in 2017.

Blenheim Palace


Photo by Simon Godfrey on Unsplash

The UK is full of palaces and castles which all offer a superb mix of history and modern fun. Blenheim Palace is surely one of the best, though, and worth checking out. First constructed in 1704 for the Duke of Marlborough, it was also the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill much later. A tour around the palace is simply divine with beautiful furniture and artwork on show. The grounds are also well-kept and give over 2000 acres to wander around. Included in this are playgrounds, mazes and parkland for a great day out.

A holiday for all the family

As the above shows, there are some outstanding places to visit in the UK if you like history and excitement. They are sure to delight not only you, but any family members you take along too.

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