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Monkey Bar
Who needs a quick vacation? Weekend getaways are SO much fun and great for the wanderer soul. But sometimes, I get more tired when I am back, because hey, no one needs a vacation more than someone who’s just gotten back from one! So, what would you do if you had something to celebrate but …
The Tamara Coorg
Last weekend, we were invited for a experiential at a luxury resort – The Tamara Coorg. They were launching a flavor fest, and the menu was curated by Chef Abhijit Saha and his team. The weather forecast was rainy, and it had been while that I had visited Coorg in the rains. Excited and eager, …
A few weekends back, right after the International Coffee Day, Tata Coffee Grand hosted an experiential tour to Coorg, where the Tata Coffee Plantations are located. This journey promised to showcase the grandeur of Tata’s coffee plantations and discover the intrinsic process of coffee production from the brand. The itinerary comprised of a trip to …