An incredible SulaFest unfolded this year in February – a Gourmet World Music Festival that was amazing as it celebrated its 10th Anniversary. First of all, the festival this year being a 3 day affair, as opposed to the standard 2 days.  Friday was dedicated to Indian artists had also added one more stage – The ‘Tropical Stage’. Highlights of this year were Nucleya, Indian Ocean, Bloc Party, Peter Schumann and Infected Mushroom.

Artist Lineup SulaFest 2017

Artist Lineup SulaFest 2017


Infected Mushroom performs at the 10th edition of SulaFest 2017


Johnny Kalsi along with his 2-time Grammy nominated band – Afro Celt Sound System at the 10th edition of SulaFest 2017


This year’s fest was in collaboration with RAW Pressery. They used the festival as a platform to raise environmental awareness, as well as implement some of their recycling techniques. RAW also launched their Coconut flavor in the festival, that was quite a rage across all the fest goers and patrons. I personally loved the Guava and Coconut variants. We kept drinking those throughout the day to stay hydrated through the performances and wine tastings! Sula also launched their new limited edition Valentines wines at the festival, this being a big hit.

SulaFest 2017

Wines and Wine Makers

There were also creative and fun items on sale at the SulaFest Bazaar brightening up the experience. From handmade jewelry, fashion accessories, Bewakoof and various other brands had put up stalls there. The Food Arena was pretty kick ass as well. Though steeply priced, the kiosks saw some restaurants and eateries from Mumbai and Pune making an appearance. They had stalls from Mainland China, Hungry Monks, Woodside Burger Shop, Biryani and More among others!

SulaFest 2017

The Crazy Fun!

So we did manage to go in for a quick vineyard tour. And also some wine tastings with Cecilia Oldne, VP Marketing and Ajoy Shaw, Chief Wine Maker. Loved the Sula Riesling and Hardys Shiraz – wine reviews coming up soon! A SulaFest 10th edition signature drink had been created – a mix of Sula Seco Rose and RAW Pressery Valencia Orange juice, hence called ValenSeco.

In conclusion, we were invited to be a part of the Sula Experience, thank you SULA! Needless to say – had an absolutely awesome time. Lots of more details coming up on what you must do at a music fest and travel stories. For more exclusives on SulaFest and keep up with my travelblog, follow me on instagram!

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