It was a pleasant day that we spent at the Grover Zampa Vineyard at the foot of Nandi Hills, quite a sunny and eventful Saturday. We were invited to an exclusive showcase marking the unveiling of Grover Zampa’s Insignia – a signature limited edition, barrel fermented Shiraz – available for sale only by invite. So quite early for a weekend, we started our little trip to the outskirts of the city, passing green fields and forgotten railway tracks.

Grover Zampa's Insignia


Grover Zampa's Insignia

We know how to pose !!! 😉

We reached around lunch to see a very nice setup of food, wine and music at the Grover Zampa Bineyards. A quick tour of the bottling plant and the barrel room was warranted, given it was my first visit here – to understand all the various kinds of wines produced there. We tried some of the wines directly from the barrel, and some decanted wines as well – the rose, soiree brut, Vijay Amritraj Reserve were some of the wines we tasted during the tour. Soon after, it was time to actually taste the Insignia – priced at Rs.5000 – this is perhaps India’s most expensive wine yet. The vineyard had produced 300 bottles of 1.5L magnum, with 200 available for sale and tasting that day. Karishma Grover, winemaker – spoke of their quest for the right quality of Shiraz for this wine, and the complexity of this wine, that has been aged in oak barrels. The fruity notes were quite pronounced – seasoned berries lending their taste, perfect for a day time wine. The medium body, and a hint of spice makes this wine as a good accompaniment to grills, roasts and light cheese as well.

Grover Zampa's Insignia

Grover Vineyard Distillery

Grover Zampa's Insignia

Touring and Exploring

This wine – the folks at Grover Zampa explained – was to be a reflection of premium Indian wines, imbibing the local terroir into the taste and flavor. This estate bottle of hand crafted wine – Grover Zampa’s Insignia – is sold only by invitation to collectors and connoisseurs at their vineyard.

Grover Zampa's Insignia

Insignia in Display

Grover Zampa's Insignia

Insignia Tasting Session

The rest of the evening was very enjoyable, with friends, wine and some very delicious grills served at the venue.

Grover Zampa is India’s most Awarded Wine Producer. For more information, please visit:

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