Safe to say I hadn’t seen a place like this in the city when Mamagoto opened up in Bangalore back in 2014. The uniqueness starts with its amazing interiors comprising of vibrant and fun asian art. The bright yellow door ushers you in, and while it does seem like a back-door entrance, you’ll be in for a surprise! The seating in their Bangalore outlet has a dimly lit bar, and a big dining room past the bar. I had read reviews before my first visit, and I knew even on a weekday to expect wait time. Well, people know a good place when they see it!


Mamagoto – Interiors


Caro, Riya and me!

Three years later and I have never had a bad experience at Mamagoto. It’s absolutely comforting food, unique garage décor and sharing plates are my go to for any meal. They currently have a Hawker’s menu promotion running till the end of this month, and a few of us were invited over for a meal. This is a hugely late post. But you guys still have a good 3 weeks to try out the delicious fare. This menu is focused on the hawkers’ carts that populate the Thailand streets, with new elements and the fun Mamagoto twist to those classic dishes.


My Cocktail!

The top things to try:

  • BBQ Ribs – red curry rubbed on ribs and cooked on the grill, a pork lover’s delight!

BBQ Ribs

  • Surfer’s Lunch – a favorite around the table. Shrimp or soft shell crab tempura seasoned with coconut cream, peanuts, chilli and tamarind; a meal on its own.

Soft Shell Crab seasoned with coconut cream

  • Thai ‘Phuchka’ bites – You got to try this, because it’s such a fun dish. No, it has nothing to do with the fact they called it Phuchka, well maybe a little! Betel leaf with peanuts, onion and lime accompanied with a sweet ginger sauce and red chilli stuffed in a Phuchka shell.

Garlicky Rice Noodles

  • Korean Lamb Bulgogi – Wok tossed lamb marinated in pear, absolutely comforting.
  • Jungle Hula Hoop Curry – Quite a different preparation with a tropical twist of Pineapple and Jackfruit cooked with Thai herbs, spices and coconut.

Rice Pancake

  • Rice Pancake or street style thin pancakes stuffed with minced chicken or mixed vegetables, served with an apple and mint sauce make for a good choice for mains too.

And we went on to conclude our meal with some flavorful bowl of Garlicky Rice Noodles. Several options are available – with silken tofu and broccoli or chicken or shrimp with glass noodles and burnt garlic. There was also the simple Mekong Boat Chicken Curry – a peanut scented curry with chicken, served with rice noodle nests. We tried some of the cocktails from their regular menu, and quite liked them. The desserts were alright.


Mekong Boat Chicken Curry


Us minus the guys!


The Hawker’s menu is created from flavors and elements inspired from the street food of south east Asia, but with the ingenuity and quirks of Mamagoto. The menu is short and delicious, and has a few more days left. I strongly recommend a visit for those who like to indulge in Asian fare.


Sticky Rice with Mango

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