Friends, acquaintances, even people on Uber Pool are constantly asking me what’s there to do in Bangalore. My usual answer: Lots. There are motorcycle meetups and trips, hiking and nature experiences, vineyard visits, pub crawls, beer workshops, fitness/dance classes, running club and many more. But very few of them actually are known to everybody, and even lesser reach the right people who are interested in those activities. So when a friend of ours spoke about Brigge, this really sounded like a cool concept – an activity based social networking platform.


Brigge Feed

I am not a person who likes a lot of apps installed for everything, it really isn’t how I am. But after using Brigge for a couple of weeks, I think it’s a great networking app, for like-minded people to meet; setup or participate in activities. So there are different groups that are listed, and as a user, I can search for related and nearby events. Any group activity that looks interesting, you can request the group admin to join.


Updates – Brigge

You can set up your activities too – it’s straightforward. Create a group under a category – put in the address of activity, setup the number of guests (or unlimited) and so whether it could be a cookery class, or a yoga class – or even an activity in your apartment or among friends.


Setting up my activity on Brigge!


Personalize your Notifications on Brigge

The usability of the app is quite simple and straightforward. You can select the notification settings, and even decide which alerts you want to subscribe to. And you can also follow people, to view events and activities setup by them. You can download the Brigge app from the links below, and check it out!

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