It was a pretty special evening when we visited High. It was an anniversary of sorts! We took up visiting this far away place (I stay literally in the opposite end of the city) when my husband booked us into RWI (Restaurant Week India). We reached pretty much on time, parking in Orion, and walking across to WTC. The way inside and up to High is a little bit of a maze with security guards telling you where to turn, which elevator etc. So we took the lift up to 30th, and then another flight of escalators up to the hostess who ushered us in. We were early for our 7:30pm, but still a few tables were occupied. The view is breathtaking, bright Bangalore glittering city shining down like a galaxy of stars. You can spot the Iskon Temple, metro train and various things in the city from up there.

Mr.Pravesh, who takes time to show his project to his guests, took us around High as well. He explained the fluid layout of the entire place, the different section of High Dine, Lounge etc. We walked right till the end of the lounge, which had the best view on all sides. We sat in the dining section, and we noticed a little later, that the entire roof was retracted as we sat there! I had checked the menu before, and we were sorted for our 5 course meal. We started off with Yasai salad and Vietnamese paper roll. The salad was fresh, with miso dressing, while the paper roll was with chicken, crispy noodles and lettuce. Everything came with interesting and innovative sauces, which were an absolute pleasure to try. For the second course we got the crab stick maki and pork dumpling. My husband finished his portion of the crab stick quickly, leaving me with no doubt of its taste! The dumplings were soft, with really thin layer on top, and served with their special sauces. For the third course, we got pan fried chicken dumplings (I love dumplings!) and lamb sukune. The lamb was spicy like meat balls are, while these dumplings had a hard fried exterior and stuffed with flavored chicken. The fourth, which was the main course, we opted for thai curry with chicken and beef rendang curry. The thai curry was definitely their best, and even though I am allergic to sea food, (thai curry uses fish paste) I couldn’t resist tasting it a bit. I am fine, by the way! The rendang was a rich brown gravy with succulent pieces of cooked meat. These were served with steamed rice and basil rice. And by now, both of us were practically bursting at seams.

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To end this amazing journey, our dessert was their special Banoffee Pie and Chocolate Mud Cake. Now, the banoffee pie is a matter of taste, and the taste was just great. Soft, with biscuit and chocolate crumbs and cream, this was very nice. My husband wasn’t too crazy about it though, while he just loved the mud cake. It just melted under the spoon, and had an amazing rich dark chocolate flavor. We ate all this over a period of 3 hours, and during which, the chef checked on us in between courses, our server Amanda definitely deserves a special mention, a happy and fun loving girl who kept the great food and laughter going! My husband had a Moscow mule, which was pretty nice, and they got me a drink called Bliss, which was so light and refreshing. The manager and rest of the staff, are quite friendly, and attentive, checking up on all the guests periodically, ensuring they have a good time. Price wise they are on the higher side. Their menu features signature cocktails which are around 750 to 1000. Other cocktails are around 500.

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As I write this review, I asked myself, am I actually over-rating High? Well, usually when events like this happen, a lot of restaurants don’t focus their efforts and service for that, as they are lower priced. There was no semblance of that feeling in High. The food was excellent, so was the service. And the most distinguishing factor was that, everyone was very hands on in the restaurant, from the servers, to the chef, the managers and the director himself. So while as a guest I did feel very special with the service and everything else, it was also extremely unpretentious and laid back. I will definitely go back to High, it’s a one of a kind place, and not just in Bangalore.

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