Yauatcha in Bangalore and Calcutta are my special places for Asian food. Their dim sums are beautiful, art in fact, and I love going back time and again. When Tapash and I were invited to the Yauatcha Bangalore for a tasting of their new menu, I happily took up the opportunity to visit the restaurant again. It was a week day, and we were seated near their splendid, albeit slightly noisy open kitchen as we watched the line of chefs busy at work. The new menu is heavily focused on dim sums and teas. Instead of having the cocktails, which I love by the way, we started by sipping on some nice and hot jasmine tea.


Jasmine Tea

Our first dish was the beautiful Mandarin Dumplings. This vegetarian dumpling had a filling of water chestnuts and asparagus, with a hint of papaya. The color of the light yellow skin came from orange juice extracts, and the pomegranate seeds on top presented a pretty contrast. The fruity flavor blended in quite well with the fillings, a nice start. The Spicy Pork Wontons came next, in small bowls. They were lightly pan fried, and served in a bed of soupy broths – lovely and refreshing.

Yauatcha Bangalore

Lobster Dumplings, Chicken Coriander, Mandarin Dumplings and Spicy Pork Wontons

The Mushroom Spring Roll is, perhaps, every vegetarian’s dream! It was wonderfully crispy, with fresh and soft mushroom slices with bits of black truffle making this amazing and tasty with every bite! We also got a portion of the Chicken Coriander Dumplings, the beautiful purple ones, have always liked it. The winner of the round was probably the Lobster Dumpling – delicate triangles with lobster flesh, topped with tobiko caviar. Beautiful flavors and textures, this one.
I usually fill myself up with dim sums and starters before getting to the main course, but I was forewarned to not do that. The Port Klang style Chilli Prawns were big sized prawns, absolutely deliciously juicy. These were served with fresh mantou, a steamed bun bread, that were plain on their own, but paired very well with the spicy hot prawns. This was a meal in itself, and quite a generous portion serving.

Yauatcha Bangalore

Mushroom spring roll, Port Klang style Chilli Prawns , Steamed Buns and Chicken Noddles

Now in Yauatcha you never leave before dessert. Never. If you’re too full, get up, and take a walk around the mall, and come back for dessert! The Chocolate Toasted Rice came on recommendation since I love chocolate desserts. The milk chocolate cake with a drizzle of hazelnut was delicious and sooo good. The milk sorbet ice cream was a good complement to the rich and soft cake. Tapash opted for the Citrus Tart, also recommended for those who like tangy ice creams, served with a mandarin ice cream. I found it way too tangy and sour for my taste, but he loved it!

Yauatcha Bangalore

The Chocolate Toasted Rice and Citrus Tart

It was a really nice meal, the dim sums and desserts are always winners, but the Chilli Prawns at Yauatcha Bangalore were the stars of the meal! I love Asian food, maybe because I am from Calcutta. Bangalore offers an enviable variety of pan Asian delicacies. Coming up soon, my Asian picks!

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